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  • Listen, learn when it comes to what divides us

    John Napoli|Jan 13, 2023

    What does the other side think? Like the rest of you, I have experienced and witnessed countless interactions of people around me over the past many years. My education in human nature has continued from childhood to my present age. Over the past few years, I have witnessed some aspects of human nature that have caused concern but, at the same time, hope. I have been overwhelmed by how quickly some people can judge and separate from people they have known for years. Division is the game’s name, and it seems you must pick a side — a side tha...

  • Think of new year as an opportunity for kindness

    Pastor John Napoli|Jan 8, 2021

    For 39 years my family and I have been engaged in this area. I am blessed to have had the good fortune to have wonderful opportunities to engage with thousands of area people over the years. My involvement included restaurants - Perkins and Black Woods - operating a small business, Northern Kawasaki, and pastoring a small church, River of Life. My appreciation for living in this area continues to grow with each passing year, and I look forward to the coming year, 2021. A community is known by ho... Full story

  • On Faith: Despite social media and politics, love your neighbor

    John Napoli|Nov 1, 2019

    We find ourselves a year away from the presidential elections but already the lines of division are having a strong effect on the American society. Here are just a couple examples of what I have seen that defy the ideals we hope to exhibit here in the United States, and even defy the teachings of the Christian faith I belong to. We have seen where fellow citizens are refusing service to other citizens because of their political associations. The internet that so many of us utilize each day has...

  • Why I think this area is a great place to live!

    Pastor John Napoli, Columnist|Mar 1, 2019

    There is so much negative communication out there today that I just want to share a positive one regarding this area of Minnesota. I have lived in northern Minnesota all my life, and this area of Carlton County for most of it. I have been a pastor in the area for over 20 years. I am sure all who are reading this have heard people complain about this area. They complain about the weather, the economy, the politics, the schools, and the list can go on. At times I have even been one of those...

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