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  • Medicare for all is a poison pill

    Justin Krych|Nov 23, 2018

    The political left dangled new bait called “Medicare for all” in the political fishing hole during the recent election cycle. They did so with very little explanation as to what that would mean, how it would work, and who exactly would pay for it. I will gladly break down each of these elements. “Medicare for all” definitely sounds better than other terms which more accurately describe what this new health care system really is: government run, socialized medicine that will double the size an...

  • The right mine at the right time

    Justin Krych, Guest Columnist|Nov 9, 2018

    Over the past week the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources finally issued all of the permits necessary for the construction and operation of the PolyMet copper, nickel, and platinum group mining operation in Hoyt Lakes. Minnesota now positions itself as a future leading supplier for the domestic and global need for metals we use to build our businesses, our homes, our cars, and our most beloved electronic devices. At current market prices, the value of these metals tops $100,000,000,000....

  • It comes down to character

    Justin Krych, Guest Columnist|Nov 2, 2018

    Two years ago, I paid a visit to a friend receiving medical treatment at St. Luke’s Hospital. I remember returning to my parked car on East Second Street in Duluth and noticing a citation envelope protruding from the driver’s side window. Dismayed by the sight, I first glanced at the meter I remembered stuffing with quarters. Plenty of time remained. Next I observed the distance between my car and the curb and saw both passenger side tires within 12 inches. In a perplexed state I finally ope...