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  • Nature's Path: Listen to the wind

    Ruth Reeves|Sep 17, 2021

    Reading the wind is an art. The wind carries important messages in smells, sounds, debris and signs of change in the weather that let us know what is happening both near and far. If you have been outside in the past month, you have likely seen or smelled evidence of the forest fires to our north. These signs were big and pervasive, and easy to notice. The wind carries subtle messages also, if we listen closely. My birding partner Keith and I have been striving to improve our recognition of bird...

  • Nature's Path: Plan to stay safe in and around water

    Ruth Reeves|Aug 6, 2021

    Soapbox please. I am about to preach my annual sermon on water safety. Thousands of times, I have gushed with pride while spouting off about the abundance of water recreation that our great state offers. As “Fanfare for the Common Man” plays inside my head, I think of all Minnesotans, rural, urban, wealthy and not wealthy, having access to water recreation. From the daring surfers in Lake Superior, to the tiny toddlers enjoying a sprinkler run, we have access to that magic mixture of hyd...

  • A paddling perspective: enjoy nature quietly

    Ruth Reeves|Jul 9, 2021

    I surely love a fun ride in a fast motorboat, but people-powered paddling is my favorite way to explore from the water. Some of my fondest memories on the water are from a canoe or kayak point of view. The quiet of a people-powered boat allows paddlers to explore in stealth mode and enjoy nature when it is most unsuspecting. Our scenic corner of the world includes a big menu of waters from which to select for paddling fun. We have rivers that are slow and calm, and ones that are fast and...

  • Nature's Path: Those otherworldly bogs

    Ruth Reeves|May 14, 2021

    I haven't been to the far corners of the earth, but I have visited exotic landscapes right here in the northeast corner of Minnesota. Peat bogs abound in our region and they provide an unusual and intriguing adventure for the curious. The recipe for a peat bog starts with a glacier moving slowly across the land. Our quadrant of the state has been glaciated many times, with the last glacier retreating about 11,000 years ago. As the final huge ice mass inched its way across the land, it scoured... Full story

  • Nature's Path: Spring camping is theater in the round

    Ruth Reeves|Apr 9, 2021

    While waiting for the warmth and blooming of summer to arrive, a great way to fill the in-between season is spring camping. There may be mud and cool temps to deal with, but there are lots of perks. A major benefit to vernal camping is the lack of crowds. While you may encounter a few other hardy souls, most people are not yet in the frame of mind to sleep outdoors. My camping buddy Keith and I are tenters. Tenting is a great way to immerse yourself in your surroundings. It can be vigorous and...

  • Nature's Path: Start day right with a sunrise

    Ruth Reeves|Mar 19, 2021

    Do you have a favorite place to watch the sunrise? Perhaps you are lucky enough to have a great view out your living room window, or from your back porch. We have an abundance of trees around us, for which we are grateful for many reasons. While they add their own beauty, these large plants require us to leave home for that perfect, unobstructed sunrise view. A favorite roost for me and Keith, my morning amigo, to watch the sun emerge is the Thompson Hill lookout beneath the visitor center on...

  • Birdwatching: Great grays seeking Great Grays

    Ruth Reeves|Feb 12, 2021

    With indoor venues closed for several months, my outdoor companion, Keith, and I have ramped up our birdwatching adventures. We have noticed an increase in birders as others flock to the northeast region of the state seeking the secret spots where others have recorded great sightings. We have been birding casually for several years, driving and gawking around the region. The great gray owl is a fun find, and we count on seeing at least one every winter when they are easier to spot in leafless... Full story

  • Get on the beaten snowshoe path

    Ruth Reeves|Jan 22, 2021

    Minnesotans know of many ways to enjoy the snow. They eat it, throw it, build with it, slide on it and jump into it. A favorite way that my outdoor companion Keith and I enjoy the frozen precipitation is to strap snowshoes to our boots and walk on it. Snowshoeing can be an affordable and spontaneous outdoor activity that allows you to explore areas with deep snow by "floating" on top. As many parents and teachers know, a great way to play outside and introduce a fun physics lesson to kids is by... Full story

  • Cloquet Community ED News

    Ruth Reeves|Nov 13, 2020

    What a beautiful autumn we enjoyed. Splendid colors and great weather for getting outdoors. It was great to see the parks, trails and other outdoor areas remain busy as community members enjoy our great scenery. We even had a bonus week of summer weather after an early winter tease. As always, Community Education encourages folks to stay active and stay well. While there will be no indoor walking at Washington Elementary School this year, we will hope the ground stays clear for many more weeks...

  • Community education news

    Ruth Reeves|Oct 16, 2020

    Community Education is a department of the public school that helps connect school to community. We promote learning for all age levels. Our mission at Cloquet Community Education is "To promote, provide and facilitate learning opportunities and social activities to serve individuals and families, while bridging generations, inspiring collaboration and building community." In Cloquet, we are fortunate to enjoy a very robust community education department. We offer a broad, diverse range of...

  • Community Ed restarts

    Ruth Reeves|May 29, 2020

    It has been a historic time these past couple of months. Many of our programs have been halted due to the COVID-19 spread. I know people who are infected with COVID-19, or who have died from it. While many people, fortunately, have no or very light symptoms, it is devastating for others. I want to recognize all the workers who have stayed with our child care programs during this time. This vital service allows medical workers, law enforcement and corrections staff and other emergency workers to...

  • Letters: Public beach info is available online

    Ruth Reeves|Jun 28, 2019

    Regarding Pete Radosevich’s “Harry’s Gang” column last week, we think your readers should know that Cloquet Community Education has a Facebook page for The Beach at Pinehurst Park. If we need to close due to weather or for other purposes, the first task is to post on Facebook. We encourage anyone who uses the beach to follow this page so they get the notice. We have many followers who rely on this communication, and we make every effort to promote the Facebook page so patrons can keep current...

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