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Nature's Path: Listen to the wind

Reading the wind is an art. The wind carries important messages in smells, sounds, debris and signs of change in the weather that let us know what is happening both near and far. If you have been...

 By Ruth Reeves    Outdoors    August 6, 2021

Nature's Path: Plan to stay safe in and around water

Soapbox please. I am about to preach my annual sermon on water safety. Thousands of times, I have gushed with pride while spouting off about the abundance of water recreation that our great state...

 By Ruth Reeves    Outdoors    July 9, 2021

A paddling perspective: enjoy nature quietly

I surely love a fun ride in a fast motorboat, but people-powered paddling is my favorite way to explore from the water. Some of my fondest memories on the water are from a canoe or kayak point of...

 By Ruth Reeves    Outdoors    May 14, 2021

Nature's Path: Those otherworldly bogs

I haven't been to the far corners of the earth, but I have visited exotic landscapes right here in the northeast corner of Minnesota. Peat bogs abound in our region and they provide an unusual and... Full story

 By Ruth Reeves    Outdoors    April 9, 2021

Nature's Path: Spring camping is theater in the round

While waiting for the warmth and blooming of summer to arrive, a great way to fill the in-between season is spring camping. There may be mud and cool temps to deal with, but there are lots of perks....

 By Ruth Reeves    News    March 19, 2021

Nature's Path: Start day right with a sunrise

Do you have a favorite place to watch the sunrise? Perhaps you are lucky enough to have a great view out your living room window, or from your back porch. We have an abundance of trees around us, for...


Birdwatching: Great grays seeking Great Grays

With indoor venues closed for several months, my outdoor companion, Keith, and I have ramped up our birdwatching adventures. We have noticed an increase in birders as others flock to the northeast... Full story


Get on the beaten snowshoe path

Minnesotans know of many ways to enjoy the snow. They eat it, throw it, build with it, slide on it and jump into it. A favorite way that my outdoor companion Keith and I enjoy the frozen precipitation... Full story


Cloquet Community ED News

What a beautiful autumn we enjoyed. Splendid colors and great weather for getting outdoors. It was great to see the parks, trails and other outdoor areas remain busy as community members enjoy our...

 By Ruth Reeves    News    October 16, 2020

Community education news

Community Education is a department of the public school that helps connect school to community. We promote learning for all age levels. Our mission at Cloquet Community Education is "To promote,...

 By Ruth Reeves    News    May 29, 2020

Community Ed restarts

It has been a historic time these past couple of months. Many of our programs have been halted due to the COVID-19 spread. I know people who are infected with COVID-19, or who have died from it....

 By Ruth Reeves    Opinion    June 28, 2019

Letters: Public beach info is available online

Regarding Pete Radosevich’s “Harry’s Gang” column last week, we think your readers should know that Cloquet Community Education has a Facebook page for The Beach at Pinehurst Park. If we need...


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