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Some numbers to ponder

We here at the Pine Knot News hear from readers every day about how they cherish a local newspaper that covers what’s going on right here in Carlton County. We never take those sentiments lightly and pride ourselves on offering a newspaper in... Full story


It's never a good bet to mess with us

A solemn but dubious audience of students heard it. “Newspapers are dead. In 10 years, they’ll be gone altogether.” We’ve all heard the grim assessment. But it didn’t come this year, when corporate greed downsized far too many newsrooms.... Full story


On the farm: Chemicals threaten farmers

Farmers in Carlton County and across the state face an environmental threat that could affect their business and lead to a loss of livelihood. At a recent meeting of the Carlton County chapter of the...


At the Library: Library has many friends, and a sale

The Cloquet Public Library is a City of Cloquet department and is funded by the tax dollars of our community members. We currently have 13 library staff members running the library. We are also... Full story


Harry's Gang: Exchange program creates bonds

School kids seem to always create a language of their own, mostly, I assume, so they can communicate with each other without their parents knowing what they are talking about. But when a kid goes to... Full story


Our View: School officer spat is confounding

For those trying to get a foothold of understanding on the issues that have arisen over a new law regarding use of restraint by police officers hired by Minnesota schools, good luck. Whether it is mere posturing or naked politics that are muddying... Full story


Harry's Gang: Effort needed to stay in home

They’re called “homes” for a reason. It’s where we live. Eat. Sleep. It’s where we keep our most precious possessions; it’s where we raise our kids. No one wants to leave their homes.... Full story


Letter to the editor: Nelson's Funeral Care makes parades a real comfort

We want to give a heap of thanks to Rob and Lori Nelson and everyone else at Nelson Funeral Care. Every time there is a parade, we get to sit in comfortable seats, have donuts, coffee, juice and water. Cloquet is the only town in the area that does... Full story


Notes from the small pond: Nothing matters

Since matter cannot be created or destroyed, it follows that the same earthly deposit of gold, from which Cleopatra’s boat was built, as she sailed the warm, breezy, mosquito-thick Nile with Marc... Full story


Sunnyside is a bright light of care

Hidden away in Cloquet lies an absolute gem. My parents, Lyle and Alda Twite, spent their last years at Sunnyside Health Care Center. Many of my friends have struggled to find acceptable care for their aging parents, often moving them from facility t... Full story


On The Farm: School's pollinator habitat program sows a lot of hope

On Tuesday afternoon, Sept. 12, a group of 20 students, parents, staff and volunteers gathered on the Wrenshall school grounds to complete the installation of dozens of native flowering plants and...


On The Mark: Summer brings outside work, beauty

It’s been a long and challenging summer in our part of Carlton County. So little rain, so many detours on Highway 210. Not even one swim in a lake! We’ve made up for it with home improvements. The... Full story


Opinion: Nursing homes get a break

Before last session even began, we knew our nursing homes were overwhelmed with a massive crisis: 15 percent of nursing homes statewide had exhausted their financial reserves, and 10 percent were considering closure. Outside of the Twin Cities area,... Full story

 By Dan Reed    Opinion    September 8, 2023

Now & Then: Fire doesn't change with the times

The Lahaina destruction on the Hawaiian island of Maui definitely is a catastrophe. The loss of lives, livelihoods, homes, and irreplaceable ancient relics from early inhabitants of the islands is a... Full story


Harry's Gang: We deserve a Labor Day here

One of the best experiences I had running for office last year was traveling throughout Carlton County, meeting people in their homes and discussing politics. It’s true that a few people were... Full story


Letter to the editor: Kudos to Northeast clean energy efforts

As someone who works across Minnesota helping communities harness the benefits of clean energy, I am thoroughly impressed by northeast Minnesota community clean energy efforts. The region is home to various meaningful clean energy related projects.... Full story


Letter to the editor: Thanks to city workers

I’m writing in regards to the crew that work for the city of Cloquet. Yesterday, they came to South Oak Street and cut down a huge dead pine tree. I sat and watched as the tree was cut down, and was amazed at the strength the man had as he cut... Full story


So long, Pine Knot readers

September is here. This means harvest fests, cooler weather and the beginning of school. As I begin my final year at the University of Minnesota Duluth, I will be leaving my internship at the Pine Knot News. It has been an incredible experience,... Full story


Our View: Thumbs up, thumbs down

Thumbs down to preconditions on consolidation discussions with Wrenshall by the Carlton school board. It’s not really a good faith negotiation if the precondition limits the options to one plan. Carlton officials stipulated that a joint school... Full story


Harry's Gang: Doc was a character

I heard Ricard Puumala passed away last week. The funeral is tomorrow and I'm planning to go, out of deep respect for my old friend. Doc Puumala seemed old when I met him, back in 1999 when I first... Full story


Our View: Another reminder of what fire can do

There was Cloquet, smack dab in the middle of breaking news last week. It happens too often these days, this list of "deadliest wildfires" in the wake of so many current-day versions. And so it was... Full story


Harry's Gang: Girl Scouts get it done

When Esko kids want safer crosswalks, they get safer crosswalks, even if it means they have to make some noise to get it done. There’s a wide, paved trail running from the high school to the... Full story


Notes from the small pond: It never ends

I get it that it never ends until it ends. Until I do. I get it that it never mends until it mends. And that it never will. And, I get it that life includes sorrow. As it always has. And, I get it tha... Full story


Harry's Gang: Who still drops butts?

I try to keep my parking lot tidy, but there’s a stubborn cigarette butt that keeps lodging itself in the sidewalk crack right in front of my office door. I pick it up, but it keeps appearing.... Full story


Letter to the editor: It's county fair time, be nice in Barnum

As I prepare for spending some time at the Carlton County Fair in Barnum, I am thoughtful about an encounter last year. On Thursday of the fair, I was unprepared, mentally, for an angry, spite-filled dialogue loudly addressed at me while I was... Full story


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