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CLOQUET police blotter


November 30, 2018

Following is an overview of Cloquet police calls for the week ending Nov. 23, 2018, provided by the Cloquet Police Department:

• Officers conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for rolling through a stop sign and then drifting across the lanes. Officers immediately detected the odor of alcoholic beverage coming from the vehicle and that the driver had glassy eyes and slurred speech. The officer believed the driver was intoxicated and arrested him. He was lodged at the Carlton County jail for DWI.

• Officers received a report of a vehicle driving erratically. The car was later located in a parking lot at a local bar. During the interaction with the driver, it was determined that the driver was sober. They were advised of their driving conduct.

• A woman reported a tire on her car was slashed. She stated the blade of the knife was still embedded in the side of the tire. Officer attempted to contact the victim by phone and at her residence and have not been able to reach her.

• Officers learned of a possible Domestic Abuse No-Contact Order (DANCO) between two people. They later located the suspect with the protected person. He was arrested and taken to the Carlton County Jail and lodged for Violation of a DANCO Order.

• Officers responded to a local gas station where a woman entered the business and reported a man was trying to enter her car. Officers later determined the two individuals knew each other and were going through a relationship breakup. The woman was given resources should she need further assistance with the relationship issues.

• Officers responded to Walmart for an unwanted person. Upon their arrival, they learned the person was intoxicated. Due to their level of intoxication, the person was transported to Detox in Duluth.

• Officers responded to a dispute between two people who were claiming ownership of a trailer. During the interviews, it was determined this was a civil dispute rather than a crime. Both parties were advised of their legal options.

• Officers were called to a home where the homeowner reported someone looking into her window. Officers checked the area and were unable to locate any suspects. The officers told the homeowner that they would increase patrol in the area and call if she saw anything suspicious.

• An officer observed a car fail to stop at a stop sign on one of the city’s busier intersections. When speaking with the driver; they admitted that they were using their cell phone and missed the stop sign. The driver was cited for Texting and Driving.

• An officer stopped a car for multiple equipment violations. When the officer approached the vehicle, they smelled what they suspected was marijuana. The officers later located a small about of alleged marijuana. The driver did not have a valid driver’s license. The officer issued citations for Driving After Suspension and Small Amount of Marijuana in a Motor Vehicle. The officer allowed the car to stay legally parked on the side of the road until a licensed driver could drive it.

• Officer noticed a vehicle driving with blue lights on the front of the car. The officers stopped and advised the driver that only white and yellow lights are allowed to the front of a vehicle, and colored lights are prohibited.

• Officers responded to a local motel for the report of an out-of-control person with a knife. Upon arrival, the knife had been removed from the person, and officers determined the person was experiencing mental health issues. The person was later transported to a hospital for medical treatment.

• Officers responded to the hospital to assist the staff with a person who was causing problems inside the facility. Once calmed, officers cleared.

• Officers, along with the CAFD responded to a personal injury crash on Highway 33 and the Gillette frontage road. During the crash investigation, officers learned a vehicle in the turn lane was rear-ended by another car. The driver who caused the crash was issued a citation.

• Officers conducted several walk-throughs at the local businesses during Black Friday. While at Walmart, they were notified of a wanted person. The person was located in the bathroom and told the officers she might have drug paraphernalia used to inject heroin. The paraphernalia was later found in the bathroom garbage can. Staff adequately disposed of the items while the officers arrested and jailed the suspect for a warrant.

• Officers responded to a property dispute where a woman reported her recently ex-boyfriend showed up at her home. The man was advised how to make arrangements for retrieving property and to not come back to the property without authorization.

• Overnight, officers issued Snow Ordinance warnings in Cloquet and Scanlon. Wrong-way parked cars were also issued a warning.

• Officers responded to a man down in the street. Upon arrival, they discovered the man was intoxicated. He was later transported to the hospital.

This week, Cloquet officers were involved in 133 calls for service including traffic violations, thefts, domestic assaults, vehicle prowls, damage to property and other calls for service throughout the community.


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