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By Glen Sorenson
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What do Hawaii and Minnesota have in common?


January 25, 2019

Glen Sorenson / Pine Knot News

A Stout Moray eel peeks out of a hiding place in vesicular basalt, which is found in Hawaii and in northern Minnesota, the result of lava that oozed in our part of the world one billion years ago.

Hello to you all, or should I say, "Aloha."

I am playing and learning in a place far, far away from Carlton County and the Pine Knot News. It took me 66 years to get here, but I made it: O'ahu, Hawaii.

It is a lot warmer and a lot greener here. I have seen whales, lizards in our Airbnb and flying fish being chased by tuna. I've wiped out on a boogie board, and jumped into a jungle waterfall. My favorite thing to do was snorkeling - I saw fish that put Dr. Seuss creatures to shame; the colors and shapes were unbelievable. One of the coolest fish was the Humuhumunukunukuapua'a, the state fish of...

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