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By Glen Sorenson
Look at that 

The physics of ski jumping


February 22, 2019

Photo by Chad Berger

Cloquet senior Woody Waugh flies through the air at a ski jumping competition. Notice the the skis in the V-position catching as much air as possible.

Hello again, we are in a winter wonderland, and I love it. As long as it is winter it might as well snow a little bit. I was going to continue my discussion on peat bogs this week, but my peat guy in Cromwell had to cancel our interview. No problem, so many things to wonder about.

Yesterday I went cross-country skiing with two of my grandkids, ages 5 and 8. Halfway through our ski, I built a little ski jump off to the side and watched as they soared 12 feet through the air and landed on their backs in the fluffy snow. It reminded me of the first time I went off a real jump, in Pine Valley l...

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