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Wrenshall News: In the case of this judge, retirement really is for the birds


June 14, 2019

"This is a nesting pair up by my father's place," says Dale Wolf. "There are five eggs that are pale blue. Sometimes they might be a lighter blue or even white. Since there has been no more eggs for the last two or three days I know that she is ready to brood. I'll put a sparrow spooker up to protect them from the invasive English sparrow." Photos courtesy Dale Wolf

"I remember clearly: I had been having a terrible week of hearing really hard cases and I got up early to go at it again. When I was driving out of the farm, the sun caught the angle on my split rail fence and I could see a mother bluebird with her four babies perched along the wood. It was transcendent. Nothing else could bother me that day - it was a 'Bluebird day.'" ~ Judge Dale Wolf

Wrenshall's own Dale Wolf is to bird houses what Johnny Appleseed is to U.S. fruit trees. If you have driven through the county, you have probably seen one of his original designs mounted to a metal pole (al...

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