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A guide to letters to the editor


July 19, 2019

The Pine Knot News encourages readers to participate on these pages. Let your voice be heard by following these basic guidelines:

• Letters to the editor should be kept to under 300 words.

Longer pieces could be considered for a guest commentary. Commentaries should be kept to around 600 words.

• If you write a guest commentary, be sure to include

some background information and any expertise you may have to lend credibility to your piece.

• Items dealing with local issues will take first priority.

• Letters over the word limits will be edited at the discretion

of the editor. That discretion could include allowing a piece to run long.

• Any reader comments should be respectful.

• The editor reserves the right to edit for clarity,

concision, grammar, newspaper style, libel and length.

• Letters and commentary must be original works by the author.

• Thank-you notes, congratulations or other form material will be sent to our advertising department for consideration.

• Include your name. Also include your address and telephone number for verification purposes only.

Only names and home cities will be published.

• No anonymous letters are allowed.


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