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Court dispositions


August 9, 2019

Following are recent felony and gross misdemeanor court cases resolved in Carlton County Sixth District Court. Arresting agencies are abbreviated as follows: Cloquet Police Department (CPD), Carlton County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO), Fond du Lac Police Department (FDL), Moose Lake Police Department (MLPD), Minnesota State Patrol (MSP).

Hagy, Joseph Eugene, Rosemount, Driving After Cancellation-Inimical to Public Safety, Gross Misdemeanor, Pleaded Guilty 6/3/2019. Sentenced to Supervised Probation 2 years. MSP

Morrow Gary Lee, Wright, Felony Fifth Degree Possession of a Controlled Substance 7/1/2018. Plead Guilty 5/8/2019. Sentenced 6/3/2019 to Supervised Probation. MSP

Johnson, Tanner Reed, Duluth, Felony Theft. Plead Guilty 4/17/2019. Stay of Adjudication, Placed on Supervised Probation 3 years with Conditions. MLPD

Sorenson, Brian Lee, Moose Lake, Felony Criminal Sexual Conduct-1st Degree-Penet or Contact Under 13-Fear of great Bodily Harm 12/30/2010. Plead Guilty 1/26/2011. Amended Court Decision 6/3/2019. Sentenced-Commitment to Commissioner of Corrections in St. Cloud for 210 months. MLPD

Besch, Robert Laurence, Wright, Felony First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct 8/1/2018.

Plead Guilty 4/24/2019. Sentenced 6/10/2019. Committed to the Commissioner of Corrections in St. Cloud for 144 months. CCSO

Lilliberg, Ryan Peter, Esko, 3rd Degree DWI, Gross Misdemeanor 4/5/2019. Plead Guilty 6/10/2019. Sentenced to Supervised Probation for 2 years with Conditions. CPD

Shabaish, Craig Allen, Cloquet, Misdemeanor Domestic Assault, Plead Guilty 4/3/2019. Sentenced to Supervised Probation 2 years, Complete Domestic Abuse Intervention Program, Enter and complete Domestic Violence Programming. CPD

Cone, Leland Christopher, Duluth, Felony DWI 4/5/2019. Plead Guilty 4/17/2019. Committed to the Commissioner of Corrections at St. Cloud stayed for 3 years Supervised Probation with Conditions. MNDNR

Sherer, Regina Marie, Britt, Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance in the Third Degree, 11/28/2018. Plead Guilty 4/24/2019. Sentenced to Supervised Probation with Conditions 6/10/2019. MSP

Rizzo, Randi Sue, Superior, Gross Misdemeanor DWI in the Third Degree, 2/16/2019. Plead Guilty June 12, 2019. Sentenced Probation with Conditions. 6/12/2019. MSP

Reponen, Tyler William, Cloquet, Possess Pistol Without Permit, 4/6/2019. Plead Guilty 6/17/2019. Sentenced to Unsupervised Probation for 1 year.

Zanol, Charles Joseph, Sturgeon Lake, Driving After Cancellation, Gross Misdemeanor 12/18/2018. Plead Guilty 6/12/19. Sentenced to No Same or Similar and Fine. MSP

Kinkel, Ricky Steven, Carlton, DWI in the Third Degree, Gross Misdemeanor 2/08/19. Plead Guilty 5/29/2019. Sentenced to Supervised Probation for 2 years 6/24/2019. CCSO.

Aubid, Zibens Amber, Cloquet, Giving a False Name to a Peace Officer, Gross Misdemeanor. Plead Guilty 6/24/2019. Sentenced to Time Served 17 days 6/24/2019. FDL

Lavamaki, Lee Michael, Cloquet, Felony Domestic Assault 11/20/2018. Amended Court Decision 6/24/2019. Credit for time served 45 days. Supervised Probation with Conditions for 2 years. CPD


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