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Public contacts

Carlton County

Board of Commissioners

District 1

Commissioner Dick Brenner, Chair

218-879-5572, [email protected]

District 2

Commissioner Marv Bodie, Vice Chair

218-879-2085, [email protected]

District 3

Commissioner Thomas Proulx

218-348-4288, [email protected]

District 4

Commissioner Mark Thell

218-851-7718, [email protected]

District 5

Commissioner Gary Peterson

218-380-4949, [email protected]

City of Cloquet

Mayor Roger Maki, 218-879-4976,

[email protected]

Ward 1 Councilor Warren “Bun” Carlson,

218-206-1715, [email protected]

Ward 2 Councilor Sheila Lamb, 218-590-5308, [email protected]

Ward 3 Councilor Chris Swanson,

218-390-2010, [email protected]

Ward 4 Councilor Kerry Kolodge,

218-481-3862, [email protected]

Ward 5 Councilor Steve Langley,

218-879-1492, [email protected]

At-Large Councilor Lara Wilkinson,

218-260-5083, [email protected]

Carlton County Soil and Water

Conservation District

District 1 Barb Dahl,

[email protected]

District 2 Russ Kurhajetz,

[email protected]

District 3 Bob Fox,

[email protected]

District 4 Kim Samuelson,

[email protected]

District 5 Rick Dalen,

[email protected]

Carlton SWCD offices are located at 808 3rd Street in Carlton. Call the office at 218-384-3891.