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LETTER: The expense of failures


November 15, 2019

After three failed referendums, at a community cost of $100,000 or so, Wrenshall has reached out to Carlton Schools to consolidate, costing both communities once again.

I attended a public meeting at the Sawyer Community Center where Ehlers and ARI presented preliminary estimates from $38-$40 million for a two-site option.

Both superintendents spoke of their possible options for consolidation and option No. 6 for Carlton would be to dissolve and sell the high school to the county.

If indeed this were to occur, it would be a sad day for Carlton residents, however, a blessing for Wrenshall as it would absorb students — filling its school to maximum capacity, finally operating in the black and able to make school improvements long neglected.

Wrenshall is one of only nine K-12 schools left in Minnesota. Why would responsible taxpayers in this district vote to merge two failing school districts into one at a cost of $40 million and expect success?

The golden calf is available to Wrenshall by continued talks of consolidation coming to an end and saving our K-12.

Neither school seems to have a marketing strategy as do Cloquet, Esko, Hermantown, Proctor, Edison and Marshall as the lowest hanging fruit is open enrollment, thanks to Duluth’s failed facilities plan.

Tim Kaspari



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