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The ice dams cometh

Snow and warm temps ravage roofs


January 24, 2020

Jana Peterson

Midwest Snow and Ice Dam Removal employee Shawn Thompson Jr. steams ice on a roof in Cloquet.

As if shoveling the driveway and sidewalks isn't enough - now some people are hurting because they didn't shovel their roof?

The short answer is yes.

Cloquet building official Matt Munter said it's an issue of poor ventilation in the attic or not enough insulation, allowing heat into the attic and through the roof.

"As heat loss on the roof occurs, it melts the snow on the roof. As the melted snow finds its way to the overhang, it'll freeze and cause an ice dam right at the edge of the roof," Munter said. "With melt and freeze, you start building up a pile of ice at the edge of the roof. E...

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