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From our readers: It's in God's hands

People are so worried about this virus. But in reality when God decides it’s your time to go, we will go one way or another. Heaven or hell. For all eternity. We are not exempt.

Just enjoy what you have. In the Bible, it’s God’s commandment to love one another. As he first loved us. He died for us.

I would like to challenge people to give with all your heart. Maybe this community can pull itself through to continue on despite all these trials and tribulations.

I notice a change in the community already. People are changing. I notice miracles happening. People are actually giving, doing more than ever before, actually showing some love.

But please don’t quit. We all need each other. Just believe with all your heart. God gives me the words I say. I honestly can do nothing myself. I do everything with all my heart.

Just look at the cross in my room. This is what he did for you and me. He didn’t have to, but he did. And he’s alive today. Because he rose again, and that’s what Easter is all about.

From Paula J. Maki,

aka Ms. Christmas


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