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School district asks families to call in sick


April 24, 2020

Worries about keeping staff healthy when they unknowingly deliver meals or homework to students or families members who are sick with COVID-19 led to a mass email to families in the Cloquet school district last week.

Superintendent Michael Cary said a staff member handing out bagged lunches from a bus was confused when a student came out of their home and waved at the paraprofessional to just leave the food. There was some confusion, and the boy eventually came and grabbed the lunch. Then a parent came to the door and told the paraprofessional that they had someone sick in the house, possibly with COVID-19.

Cary said the district is now asking families, if they have a suspected or confirmed case of COVID in their household, to contact their child’s school to communicate the situation.

“The school will work with you on an individual basis to coordinate meal drop-off and school work exchange in a way which minimizes the potential for spread,” the district said in its message. Phone numbers for the Cloquet school offices follow:

Churchill Elementary: 218-879-3308

Washington Elementary: 218-879-3369

Cloquet Middle School: 218-879-3328

Cloquet High School: 218-879-3393


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