COVID case numbers still climbing


May 8, 2020

Increrased testing across the state is sending the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases higher while it gives health officials a better idea of where the spread is occuring. On Wednesday, the Minnesota Department of Health reported that the total number of positive tests in the state had reached 8,579. The total number of deaths in the state was at 485, with 391 of those residing in long term care or assisted living facilities.

In Carlton County, the number of confirmed cases reached 61 on Wednesday as reported by MDH, which reports numbers from 4 p.m. the day before.

According to the Minnesota Department of Corrections updated report from Wednesday afternoon, the Moose Lake prison reported 35 confirmed cases and another 31 cases that were presumed positive. MDH does not include presumed cases — meaning they were exposed to someone who tested positive and are now showing possible symptoms — in its numbers, rather MDH only counts the confirmed cases. A total of 33 Moose Lake employees have now tested positive for COVID-19. Additionally, in Willow River, four staff members and 47 prisoners have tested positive, with another seven inmates presumed positive.

Testing numbers at both local prisons have jumped again, with a number of test results pending and also 49 confirmed negative at Moose Lake and 19 at Willow River.


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