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Carlton County board candidate: Marci Moreland


August 7, 2020

Q What in your personal background, characteristics and qualifications makes you good for this job?

A I worked for Carlton County for 39-plus years, the last eight years as Carlton County Assessor. Having worked in county government my working career, I have vast knowledge of how government works along with knowledge of budgets, property taxes, levies, special programs and how all of these items intertwine to make government work. Building relationships with the public, employees and businesses is vital. Listening to concerns and acting on those concerns is key. Be honest.

Q What motivated you to run for commissioner?

A It is something I have always wanted to do. As county assessor I enjoyed serving the residents of Carlton County and would like to continue doing so as commissioner. Of 87 counties, only 18 percent of county commissioners are women. More women need to get involved in county government.

Q What do you think are the top two issues facing Carlton County and how would you go about tackling those?

A One, the county jail. Our jail has been inadequate for quite some time and needs to be addressed. The major hurdle is how to pay for such a large-ticket item. Utilizing the half-percent sales tax is a good solution and working with the state to get the approval should be the No. 1 objective. Research any type of grants to help with funding. This is an issue that needs to be addressed within a short period of time.

Secondly, spending and property taxes: These two items go hand in hand. With continued increases in spending, property taxes will increase. We need to find a way to spend smarter and wiser without leaning on the taxpayers. With programs mandated by the state that result in loss of taxable value, we need to find creative ways to cover that gap. Look at resources we currently have within the county such as buildings and personnel and use those resources instead of looking to outside consultants at additional costs. Have a contingency fund for tax court judgments or unplanned expenses. The recent utility tax court decision was a large financial liability for Carlton County. A fund would help with these types of matters.

Q Name something you think the county board has handled well over the past two years.

A Currently with the COVID-19 pandemic, the action was quick to close buildings to keep everyone safe. I feel the county has done a better job on our roads. Some still need work but with the sales tax in place, more roads are getting fixed quicker.

Q What is one thing you want voters to know about you?

A I'm a lifetime county resident. I'm committed to serving Carlton County. I will listen to your concerns and act on them. I'm fair and honest and will watch out for your interests. I will do what's right and support what I believe will benefit the residents of Carlton County.


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