RBC Chair candidate: Bryan Bosto (challenger)


August 14, 2020

Q What in your personal background, characteristics and/or qualifications makes you good for this job?

A I have 14 years of experience as a reservation division director/manager. In that capacity I have worked closely with community members to provide services through mentoring and by building partnerships with outside organizations like the Minnesota Extension Office, Minnesota Swarm Lacrosse Team and Native American Law Enforcement Summit. Partnerships that help foster leadership skills by giving trainings for youth from our community through the 4-H Tribal Mentorship program, or the Lax-4-Life lacrosse camp.

Q What motivated you to run for the RBC chairperson seat?

A The removal of the Cloquet District Representative in 2018. As petition spokesman, I realized the incumbent violated/misinterpreted the constitution. The inability to properly comprehend that document, and instead pander to the loudest voices rather than do what's right is destructive to our governing and constitution. I can do better.

Q What do you think are the top two issues facing the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa and how would you go about tackling those?

A Communication is the major issue with Band members. This can be achieved by submitting a monthly column to the newspaper from the chairman. I will expand communications online by creating the Office of the Chairman website to be used for direct communications with the membership. To free up time of the Reservation Business Committee, I would standardize the meeting location to the Tribal Council Chambers at the Tribal Center. Staff time is used carelessly by having our employees away from their desks and waiting to go into meetings. We can curb that by using the technology we have at our disposal.

Another priority is to update or create a business plan. The Band has purchased property off reservation with no plans to use this space. The Band is paying property taxes on unused facilities. We must get these properties renovated and opened or sold. I will work with our economic development committee to develop a plan for these properties to generate income. Diversifying our income is vital for the long-term financial health of the Band.

Q What's one issue you think the RBC has handled well over the past two years?

A This question favors incumbents. I would comment on Fond du Lac flag presentations and photo opportunities. While it is a good start for representation, it needs to be the beginning of a relationship with the entities requesting flags.

The office of the chairman is more than giving flags and photo opportunities. It is about fighting for the people's rights and needs. It is about speaking up for those who have no voice and effecting change.

Q The pandemic and subsequent closure of the band's two casinos was a big financial hit to the reservation. How do you think the RBC can help the reservation broaden its economic base moving forward?

A This current administration has spent dollars with no consideration of a worst-case scenario. This scenario became true with both casinos closed and left this administration scrambling for June per capita. We made the distribution and the rest of the year's payments thanks to the second installment from the Enbridge agreement.

Diversifying our economy to be not as reliant on hospitality is key to financial stability. One idea worth exploring is hemp/cannabis and the extraction of every resource we can from this plant. I think we are in a sound


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