RBC District I candidate: Jeroam DeFoe (challenger)


August 14, 2020

Q What in your personal background, characteristics and/or qualifications makes you good for this job?

A Boozhoo, I am Jeroam DeFoe and I'm 23. I try my best to follow my teachings every day. I'm respectful, driven, open-minded and a great listener. I strive academically and graduated from FDLTCC with an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science and Associate of Applied Arts degrees. I'm now going to St. Scholastica and am one semester away from my business management degree. I care deeply about our community and want to see positive growth.

QWhat motivated you to run for the District I RBC seat?

AI'm running for the RBC, Cloquet District I in order to help initiate positive growth in our community. We have a great deal of opportunity and we must capitalize on it in order to move into the future. I would like to see our people prosper.

QWhat do you think are the top two issues facing the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa and how would you go about tackling those?

A I would like to tackle the standard of living and economic development within our community. We have the possibility to develop our housing market even further and ensure the highest-quality houses are available to community members. The current employment and wage levels must be addressed and we need to create more employment opportunities for our community. I would like to find new business ventures that expand our economy and create premium jobs. There needs to be more of an emphasis on education, whether that is traditional education or trades. I would also like to encourage and support community-owned small businesses to ensure a healthy economy. There are endless opportunities that we can capitalize on, but we must look for the most feasible ones. I want to work towards a healthy community and a self-sustainable nation.

Q What's one issue you think the RBC has handled well over the past two years.

A One thing that stuck out to me that the current RBC accomplished is the cultural building. We need to ensure the survival of our language and culture to continue to be Anishinaabe. I think it is going to be a good place for our community and help the revitalization of our heritage.

Q The pandemic and subsequent closure of the band's two casinos was a big financial hit to the reservation. How do you think the RBC can help the reservation broaden its economic base moving forward?

A I believe economic development is a key topic when talking about any nation or government. We must expand our businesses and look to new business ventures. We need to maximize our profits and continue to enter new markets. I would like to see our own sustainable economy as well as helping surrounding areas become more profitable. I would like to see a research and development department be established in order to find the most profitable and feasible businesses in many areas. We have a great opportunity but must take calculated risks to ensure success.

Q How can voters find out more about you?

A If anyone has any questions, feel free to reach out and give me an email at [email protected]. Or look for my Facebook page, Jeroam DeFoe.


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