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Letter: Choose hope


October 23, 2020

Anyone else tired of fear? As if there weren’t enough things in this world trying to kill us and divide humanity, there had to be another added. And this one, during its infancy, has killed plenty. I pray they all rest in peace.

There has been a lot of information shared with the masses, which has led to a state of confusion and fear for all of us.

This past spring I was talking with a friend on the telephone and he told me I should “listen to understand.” It is good advice for everyone.

This newest virus can no doubt kill, but is the word “Covid” synonymous with the word “death”? The answer is readily available for us Minnesotans at the Minnesota Department of Health website. The statistics, if they had an audible voice, would say “No.”

Why so much fear, then? Could it be because we have not been trained to listen to understand. Do you listen to understand or listen just enough while you formulate your next argument?

In a seemingly hopeless world with unification declining and division increasing, and with fear taking the place where hope once ruled, I think we need to ask ourselves when did hope leave and fear enter? Are we responsible for pushing hope out of our lives and out of our country? Are we responsible for opening the door to fear?

Some readers have surmised my angle. Especially those who know me. Do I have an agenda with this writing? Of course, every writing of every person has an agenda.

There is one thing I’ve learned and it is the one and only thing I am certain of: Hope still exists. Hope has a name. Hope’s name is not Biden, Trump, Harris, Pence, Pelosi, Barrett, socialism, Marxism, BLM, Democrat or Republican. All those names contribute to fear.

Hope drives out fear. Hope is light. Hope is truth.

Fear? It is a liar.

Hope has a name. I pray you will receive hope and discover hope’s name.

Brian Smith,



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