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Donor restarts meal giving


December 18, 2020

Along with the surge in Covid-19 numbers, comes another surge in local giving. For a second time, an anonymous donor has given $4,000 to the Family Tradition restaurant in Cloquet, with the idea of helping both the restaurant and the community.

Kenny Heehn, who helps his father-in-law run, John Johnson, run the family owned business, said the donor really liked how the restaurant used the money to feed everyone from first providers to Outreach Center clients last April and May, so they decided to donate another $4,000.

“This time we asked people to nominate some families (in need) that we would feed on Christmas Eve,” Heehn said, explaining that they got the message out via Facebook. “Then Sara’s Vac Shack heard and they donated another $1,000. They made a video, and that’s raised about another $1,000. So every family that’s been nominated will receive a free Christmas meal.”

Heehn expected to have a list of about 20 families by today.

“I love being able to do this for people, it makes us feel good too. We don’t want to keep the money, we want to give back to the community, our donor loves that.”

They also plan to provide lunch for about 40 people at the Outreach Center each week as long as the money lasts. To find out more or donate, check out the Family Tradition Facebook page or stop by the restaurant on North Highway 33 to donate.


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