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Letters to the editor: Demonizing police is unfair


April 30, 2021

Last week’s paper contained quite an example of our elected officials — the attorney general, Minneapolis mayor and our governor — demonizing our lawmen and -women. I would hate to be one of those who put on the uniform, kiss their family goodbye and go out to face the unknown. Think about it.

Systemic racism — what does it mean? Does it apply to me? My wife? Or is it something that does not exist (or only in the race baiters)?

We hear officials talk about defunding the police, no minor traffic stops (I’ll save hundreds of dollars not buying any tabs), having social workers go to crimes, etc. Who are they pandering to and why?

I’m not saying that none are bad, just as there is bad in all of society.

Imagine a society without law enforcement. Imagine going to work protecting us but worried about making a mistake. Imagine hesitating a split second and ….

Here is an idea. Form a commission to oversee police stops. Comply with an officer’s orders — don’t fight or try to flee. Comply, then the commission reviews the encounter to see if it was a lawful stop. If not, take action against the officer.

Tony Sheda,



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