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Letter to the editor: City should be proactive and limit river access from playground


May 7, 2021

An elderly friend, who happens to be a great-grandma, brought this real and potential danger to my attention.

I would like to preface our concern by commending the City for providing amenities to denizens and families from the nearby campground. I’m referring to the warming house and playground in Dunlap Island.

Within a stone’s throw is the imminent danger of a river, where a child could easily wander off and drown, since parents can’t be everywhere.

I propose a chain-link fence be erected along the river to provide safety and peace of mind, while not detracting from the riparian view. One could still cast a line.

Finally, the cost of implementing this safeguard could be insignificant compared to the cost of compensating grieving parents for gross negligence.

A concerned and proud citizen, W.C. Fleisch, Cloquet


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