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Boy, we went from freezing temperatures one week to temps in the 90s now. I guess that’s why we live in this area, you never know what the weather will bring. Let’s hope we get some rain soon, as the gardens need moisture.

There will be a blood donation drive noon to 6 p.m. June 24 inside the Cromwell Park Pavilion. Call Ray Lally at 218-644-3739 to sign up for a time to donate. Because the drive is taking place inside the pavilion, there will not be a YOT Senior Dance until July 22.

God’s blessings on the Bethany Lutheran confirmation class. Confirmed on June 6 were Sienna Anderson, Syquan Besch, Jarek Casperson, Annabelle Doble, McLaine Hascall, Jack Irving, Emerson Lind, Nevaeh Manninen, and Dylan Nyberg.

The Rev. DeeDee Haines will be the guest pastor at Bethany and Bethlehem on June 27 while Pastor Deb is on vacation.

Ruby’s Pantry will be in Cromwell 9:30-11 a.m. June 10 at the pavilion.

Carlton County has produced a 2021 land atlas and plat book. They are available for a limited time at a discount at the Carlton County Extension Office in Carlton or by calling 218-384-3511. Cost is $45. Electronic versions are $42 and $51. A wall map is $117. To order by phone call 800-321-1627.

The Carlton County Historical Society in Cloquet at 406 Cloquet Avenue is planning on opening to the public June 25. Memberships are encouraged and there is even an opening for a part-time director. Call 218-879-1938 if you can volunteer or want to become a member. It is looking for donations of a gun cabinet, protective shield for the reception desk, and stamps.

Cromwell mayor Sharon Zelazny updated the Young Old Timers group on the Minnesota Highway 210 project bids let on June 4. Funding is there, she said, and there is confidence the project will go as planned in 2022. One bid of $1,750 was received on the barber shop/gift shop building, which will be addressed at next city council meeting. The Muni will close at 7 p.m. Sunday-Tuesday due to lack of staff.

Update on the Island Lake beach cleanup: Gates were removed, sign was straightened. Craig would like a sign at the beach entrance. He is recruiting help to work on the buildings and other maintenance.

Brandon and Derek will plant the flowerpots again this year that are located around Cromwell. The community club budgeted for approximately $400. Dianne, Jodi, Kim and Kathy are willing to help with watering and weeding. Other volunteers are also welcome.

The Wrong Days buttons are now done and available at the Co-op and Kalli’s Place in Wright. More will be at Tamarack and maybe in Cromwell. Contact me if you are willing to run for king or queen this year, 218-357-2385.

Yoga will be at the Cromwell Pavilion 11 a.m. to noon on Mondays. No yoga June 14. Gear provided. Questions, call Ann Markusen, 218-428-3300.

That’s all the news from the Edge of Wright.

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