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Readers' Corner: 'Good Enough' poem

Writer Janice Laurie shared this poem with the Pine Knot News recently. Writing is her passion, but she didn’t have much time when she and her husband, Brian, were raising their kids in Esko. Now Laurie is working on her writing skill again and wanted to share this poem with our readers.

Good Enough

by Janice Laurie

We all have demons in our minds.

We all fight the battles of feeling not good enough.

Even the person who always seems to be happy, fights these battles.

Even the person who wishes you good morning with a sunny smile

on her face, fights these battles.

What if, just for today you decided you are good enough?

What if, just for today you decided you are smart enough,

pretty enough, tall enough, thin enough, nice enough?

Whatever your battle, what if, just for today you decide

you are good enough?

Because you are good enough!

Just for today, see how strong, beautiful, kind, smart, and caring you are.

Just for today, know that you are lovable and needed.

Try just for today to see what a truly remarkable person you are.

Do it — just for today!

Then, when tomorrow comes and you wake up with uncertainties,

know that you can do it.

Know that you can be enough one more day and then one more day

and one more day.

Until you live all of your tomorrows like today;

Good enough!

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