Letter: There's freedom to choose in pandemic


September 10, 2021

I respectfully disagree with columnist Pete Radosevich’s argument that the Constitution doesn’t play a role in the mask debate. (Aug. 27 issue.) Freedom is our nation’s backbone and strengthened by God’s blessing. His point on government’s role to secure “our general welfare” is recognized, but I question where “our general welfare” is provided for with the border crisis, our religious rights, and the recent Afghanistan debacle leaving Americans’ safety in jeopardy?

The pandemic has taken many twists, and many are not conspiracies. Science allows all to search non-biased or non-political.

Pete’s assessment on why those of us who question mask wearing reminds me of the 18th-century American colonists giving Native Americans smallpox-infected blankets to use as biological welfare.

I support those who want to wear or not wear masks as I do on the vaccination question. Mandates are not necessary. Everyone has the constitutional right to choose.

As a teen in the 1960s, questioning was always at the forefront. Through songs like “American Pie” or “Rainbow Stew” and voices in objection trying to decipher the truth, we survived.

Masks aren’t going to save us from harm. We need common sense, not panic. This is not a conspiracy theory. As we argue about masks, perhaps we need to focus on Alan Jackson’s message in his song “Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning?” after 9/11.

Betty Anderson,



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