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Pine Knot reaches entire county this week

Hello, fellow Carlton County residents. I’m Pete Radosevich, the publisher of the Pine Knot News and an avid fan of our community. We are sending a copy of this newspaper to nearly every address in the county, so you can see what subscribers to the Pine Knot News already know — real journalism is alive and well in Carlton County, and it’s in the Pine Knot News.

When five of us chipped in money to start the Pine Knot News three years ago, many people thought we were a little crazy. After all, who would start an old-fashioned newspaper in this age of digital communication and social media? Well, it turns out that our community was thirsty for news that is reliable, thorough and interesting — a local paper filled with unique content about this place we call home. And they found that in the Pine Knot News. It’s why we’ve been winning award after award, including the prestigious Minnesota Newspaper Association’s top award for weeklies in 2021.

So, enjoy our paper. Read the sports, the news, the features, and the columns. Note the advertisers. And if you haven’t already — subscribe. You won’t regret it.

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