History mystery


April 8, 2022

Lane Johnson, a researcher at the Cloquet Forestry Center, knows a needle in the haystack when he sees one. "I have a photo mystery I wonder if your readers might be able to solve."

He's looking for an original print of a photograph scan he found in the Carlton County Historical Society records for the forestry center. The image title reads: "Presbyterian Church Picnic, Forestry Station, Cloquet."

"It seems the print was part of a photograph collection scanned by the (museum) some time ago but it's not clear where the original photo came from and who has it now," Johnson said. He said the photo depicts a scene around 1910 in the vicinity of the present-day buildings and grounds.

Johnson and the History Mystery team welcomes any help in finding the original photo. Email [email protected] with "history" in the subject line.

If you have a History Mystery to solve, let us know about it by emailing [email protected].


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