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Faith: Resurrection shows that God cares

Happy Easter. Why does the Resurrection actually matter? As Christians, we take it for granted that Jesus of Nazareth was killed and rose from the dead and will not die again. But we may not actually connect the dots and truly appreciate why it matters to us today.

Why does that historical event, one which can be verified as any other true historical event, matter in the year of our Lord, 2022?

The resurrection of Jesus proves that God does care about the brokenness of our world — and He makes it right. He is not indifferent to our lot in life. It shows that in the end, good triumphs over evil. That justice defeats injustice. Truth wins over lies. That God does act in the world.

Listen to Pope Benedict XVI reflecting on this reality, as cited in his book “Seek That Which is Above,” containing meditationson what our life in Christ should be like as it is lived through the various seasons and feasts of the liturgical year.

“If there were no resurrection, the story of Jesus would have ended with Good Friday. His body would have decayed, and he would have become a has-been,” he writes. “But that would mean that God does not take initiatives in history, that he is either unable or unwilling to touch this world of ours, our human living and dying. And that in turn would mean that love is futile, trivial, an empty and vain promise. It would mean that there is no judgment and no justice. It would mean that this moment is all that counts and that right belongs to the cunning, the crafty and those without consciences. There would be no judgment.”

We see so much evil in the world, so much brokenness, so much suffering. We see that being selfish, greedy, dishonest seems to be advantageous. We see that life is not fair. So, we could say that, without the resurrection, evil and injustice would have the upper hand. Abusive power, deceit, sin would have won. But is that kind of existence even tolerable? An existence where love and goodness are defeated, is that bearable?

The Resurrection changes everything. God takes the greatest evil ever committed, deicide — the murder of God in the flesh — and turns it into the cause of our redemption. It says God has made things right and will make them right. It gives us a reason for living. We now know that in the end love defeats selfishness. Goodness is stronger than evil. Justice triumphs over injustice. Truth over lies. Now, that’s an existence that I can live with.

So what does this mean to us? Let’s draw the conclusion of this.

It means we can move forward pursuing Christ in our lives. We can devote ourselves to virtue, truth, justice, and goodness, because goodness will win out in the end. Maybe not in this life, but it will win out ultimately. It means it is worth striving to become a saint, because as saints, we will be vindicated in the end. It means we can trust God because he is a God who keeps his promises. He will reward the just. It’s worthwhile following Christ, He is alive. So, live as if the Resurrection matters to you.

A most blessed Easter to you and your loved ones.

Father Nick Nelson is pastor of Queen of Peace Catholic Church and Holy Family in Cloquet.

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