Letters To The Editor: Vote for a thoughtful candidate


May 13, 2022

I was appalled to read that Jeff Dotseth is campaigning on his support for “Stand Your Ground” laws. After this past winter’s local experience of a citizen being severely injured in a road rage incident, it should be clear to all that vigilantism isn’t a good idea for our community.

We have a professional, qualified, and trained police force whose job it is to protect us, and a legal system whose job it is to protect the innocent and punish the offenders. Citizens taking the law into their own hands whenever another person seems “scary” to us will not make us safer. The verified instances of guns actually and effectively being used for protection are few.

Pete Radosevich is the candidate we need to support to represent Minnesota House District 11A. Rather than relying on divisive scare tactics, he has a documented history of civic engagement and fair-mindedness. We don’t need more extreme fearmongering. We need thoughtful, balanced solutions to our problems.

Mark Cline,



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