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Letter to the editor: The time has come for all to get involved

For the last few months we have been attending our Silver Township meetings to find out why we do not have fire coverage in our area. The saga continues and we still do not have coverage due to confusion and rewriting of the contract, as I understand.

A lifetime resident shared after our latest meeting, “It’s like pulling hens’ teeth to get anything done here the last couple of years.”

Each meeting we’ve been to has been rather tense, but it has also been a clarion call to residents to band together against an apparently purposeful disruption in the community. More people are attending these meetings, as we should have been all along.

When we don’t get involved because we’re “too busy working” we’re effectively saying that we are productive while others spend their time causing trouble. The time has come for us all to get involved, no matter how busy we are. We need to stand up to the shenanigans that are happening in our township and city board meetings, our city, state, and federal governments, and most importantly, our school boards.

Everyone, please do your part to make a positive difference in your neck of the woods.

Silver Township meetings are held at 8 p.m. the third Thursday of the month July through September, then at 7 p.m. October through June.

Sherida Nett,

Kettle River

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