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Letter to the editor: Educational system is under attack

I went to Wrenshall schools and have lived in the district longer than most of the people who seem to have the need to bash the board. My history with the district does not, however, give my opinion more truth. Just because you went to Wrenshall School or worked for the school does not make your words more truthful.

I believe the educational system is under attack by groups that want to project their thinking on developing minds. One purpose of a school board, in my opinion, is to prevent possible outside groups from inserting themselves into the classrooms.

Board members are a reflection of the community and were voted in by the citizens. The real dysfunction is when people with agendas try to undermine the structure. I expect that most of the board members at Wrenshall School would go into a burning building to save the life of a child, no matter what color their skin may be or sexual identification.

Dan Conley,


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