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Letter to the editor: Politicians need to work together, avoid extremism

Patriotism, a viewpoint: The vast majority of this country’s “Greatest Generation” were patriots first and politicos second. They put country before politics.

There were both conservatives and progressives who espoused their particular political viewpoints on what should happen via the politicians as far as providing for the general populace. But, they worked together in the U.S. Congress to move this country forward. Yes, many compromises were made on both “sides” of the aisle. And we made progress.

No matter our individual conservative or progressive viewpoint, we need to work together. Many issues can be helped with funding, but money only cannot “fix” everything. Other populace “supports” are also needed.

I still see many truly patriotic political conservatives and progressives. Unfortunately, I also see many folks calling themselves “conservatives” who are now attacking the true conservatives as “RINOs.” I don’t agree with most of the true conservatives’ political philosophies, but I defend their right to express and advance them within the constraints of the Constitution.

“Former fearless-leaderism” (those who slavishly follow President Trump) is not conservatism in my book; it is a cult verging on following the same path as Germany in the decades before World War II.

As a broadcast engineer working for WDSE PBS Channel 8 around 1976, I witnessed about 95% of the Watergate hearings. The vast majority of our populace still doesn’t realize President Nixon was on the verge of declaring martial law to take over the country by edict, as testified by many of his closest advisors in the White House.

The ongoing January 6 hearings, testimonies and other factual information show President Trump was/is much worse than the Watergate leader.

Both major national political parties need to get realistic candidates so we can vote for what we believe to be the “best,” rather than having to vote for the “least worst.” I urge everyone to vote for the very best candidates of either political persuasion, not for either view’s “extremists.” Let’s get back to true patriotism for our country’s sake. Or truly risk losing our democracy very soon.

John Bergman

Thomson Township