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The next city council meeting is at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Kettle River Senior Center. Plan to attend this meeting.

Quilting at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church is 9 a.m. to noon every Wednesday.

How the world is changing is not really for the best. When I was a child growing up, most everything came in glass jars or tin cans. Things like cream cheese and dried beef came in 4-ounce juice glasses. I still have some of those glasses today. Olives and jelly and peanut butter came in larger glasses. If something came in quart jars, the glass was made so that the jars could be used for canning. Later, those quart jars were made so that the glass would not be of a quality for canning and the canning lids would not fit on the jars. Was this so some companies could make more money by selling canning jars and lids?

So, then that began our need for more landfills. Then everything started coming in plastic, which mostly ends up in the landfills. Now some of the larger cities are having to haul trash for many miles to even find a landfill and these landfills are filling up fast and running out of space.

The landfills cannot be used for about 100 years except for parks or similar areas.

In our area, we were able to recycle the tin cans for the munitions plants to make ammunition for the war. Most people had gardens and all the food scraps went into the compost or to feed the family pets.

Is our world really better than it was 50 or more years ago?

Everyone used cloth diapers which lasted a long time, now we use disposable diapers, which end up in the landfills. After the cloth diapers were no longer needed for the baby, they made great cleaning rags, and then when they were worn out, they were added to the compost bin.

How many people these days still use cloth diapers?

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