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Our View: Wither winter?

The phrase is simple enough, and surely heard often these days. We are Minnesotans, afterall. We like to talk about the weather.

But for some reason, the phrase just doesn’t resonate like it might in other years.

Of course, the last time we had a weather spell like what we saw in December, none of us were alive. It was 1877 — 147 years ago.

We’re quite sure the same phrase was bandied about back then, too.

Right now, it is quite gloomy-looking outside the Pine News windows. The weather app says it’s 35 out, but feels like 36. There is drizzle in the air. Sure, we had that cold snap for about 10 days in the middle of the month.

But this is January, usually the coldest time of the year around here.

The phrase we’ve heard often in our office this week isn’t “We could use some sun.” Which is very true when eying the weeklong forecast that doesn’t budge much from these mid-30s, with “mostly cloudy” skies all day.

Let’s say it all together now:

“What weird weather.”