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Snowplow names announced

The Minnesota Department of Transportation announced the winners of the Class of 2024 “Name a Snowplow” Contest. In order of the most votes, the winners are:

Taylor Drift, District 2 (northwest Minnesota), 12,027 votes

Clark W. Blizzwald, District 3 (central Minnesota). 6,667 votes

Dolly Plowton, District 1 (northeast Minnesota), 6,315 votes

Waipahiŋte (Dakota word for “snowplow”), District 8 (southwest Minnesota), 6,266 votes

Beyonsleigh, District 4 (west central Minnesota), 6,016 votes

You’re Killin’ Me Squalls, District 6 (southeast Minnesota), 5,922 votes

Fast and Flurrious, District 7 (so...

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