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Hometown family band hits homegrown

The Cloquet family band #theindianheadband played the Homegrown Music Festival in Duluth last week. The band is known for its eclectic mix of tunes that defy categorization. The venue was the Sacred Heart Music Center Friday night. It's a former church in the Central Hillside neighborhood. The #theindianheadband lineup included Lyz Jaakola, Jackson Ripley, Xander Ripley-Jaakola, Jagger Ripley-Jaakola, Jeremy Gardner, Sheldon Misquadace, David Ripley and Suzanne Buan. They were among more than 150 bands participating in the weeklong festival that features local musicians at venues across Duluth and Superior.

"It went well," said Lyz Jaakola, despite some limited rehearsal time. "Honestly, the group is getting so tight and the kids getting to be such good musicians that we can do it like that and feel successful."

The venue was a challenge, she said. "That acoustic space is very live and part of the #theindianheadband charm is our lyrics and word play, so I worry some of it was lost in that space."