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Cromwell chief is fired

Longtime Cromwell Wright Area Fire District chief Lucas Goodin is no longer with the department after being dismissed by the CWAFD board earlier this spring.

In response to a public data request from the Pine Knot News, attorney Donald Erickson shared that Goodin was dismissed as chief and a member of the fire district for several reasons, including:

• Payroll and timecard theft: Goodin was accused of signing into his time card electronically and then changing the time to an earlier start time, on at least four occasions, added time that he was ultimately paid for.

• Misuse of funds for equipment neither needed by or used for the CWAFD. According to Erickson’s letter, the board found Goodin had received $933 in equipment for his personal use for an extended period of time, without making any attempt at restitution.

• Failure to perform duties as fire chief by selective enforcement of disciplinary rules and non-enforcement of disciplinary rules involving a relative.

The board cited ethics infractions, willful misconduct, theft “of any kind” and a failure to conduct oneself with integrity as the CWAFD disciplinary rules that were violated. In the last case, they also cited failure of a supervisor to take appropriate action when notified of a complaint.

Contacted by the Pine Knot, Goodin strongly disputed the allegations.

He shared the following statement with the paper:

“For 25 years, I worked for the Cromwell Wright Fire Department and was so proud to play a role in an organization that prioritized keeping our community safe. I am very disappointed in the district’s decision to remove me as fire chief and adamantly dispute the allegations that led to my removal. I plan on continuing to educate community members through trainings on lifesaving techniques in other capacities, as I have always done. Despite the department’s decision, I have nothing but respect for those in public service who risk their lives every day to keep us safe.”

Gregory Eliason was appointed the new fire chief for the Cromwell Wright Area Fire District on May 28, CWAFD board chair Steve Risacher said.

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