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Letter to the Editor: Commissioner endorses Dan Reed

It has been an honor for me to serve you as a Carlton County commissioner for the last 12 years.

We have made many positive accomplishments, but there is still much work to be done.

I have known Dan Reed and his family for many years. Dan served on the Barnum school board with my father when they built the new school. Dan and I have worked together on many county projects. We went to St. Paul and lobbied for funding for the new Justice Center and Highway 73. He assisted in helping keep the county’s Kettle River shop open. Dan represents the township’s concerns at our county committee of the whole meetings. He has never been afraid to ask questions and share his unique perspective.

I have observed over the years when Dan sets his mind to something, he completely engages and then builds support to meet the challenge. Dan’s resume demonstrates a life dedicated to volunteering, serving, and improving his community. Dan understands the issues facing the county and he knows being commissioner is a nonpartisan job. I am confident Dan is committed to putting in the time and effort to represent District 5 and all the citizens of Carlton County.

I know on election day I will be proudly casting my vote for Dan Reed.

Thank you.

Gary Peterson, Moose Lake