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Letter to the Editor: Get out the vote, all Republicans

We are getting closer to another election labeled again as “the most important of our lifetime.”

Every election is important, and with every office fought for, it is imperative that we elect those who represent our convictions.

Thousands of registered Republicans do not take the time to vote, and the offices won by Republicans are won by very slim margins. This shouldn’t be. We can’t assume that “We’ve got this, they don’t need my vote,” or that “It’s hopeless, why vote?” The only way to make a difference is to pick up the pencil and fill in the ovals.

We need to take a stand in large numbers and, because we haven’t, Minnesota’s abortion policy has become as extreme as North Korea’s and China’s [by allowing abortion at any time during pregnancy]. Children can now come to Minnesota to receive dangerous gender altering treatments, and illegal immigrants can apply for Minnesota driver’s licenses. And all these bills were pushed through by the lawmakers who are in control of our state.

These treacherous days can be encouraging, though, when we observe or encounter the attitudes and actions of the opposing side. Angry politicians and wanna-be politicians erupting at public gatherings before our eyes is a pretty good sign that we are making waves in the right direction. But, all of us have to vote in every election and expose the shenanigans of the other side.

Sherida Nett,

Kettle River

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