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By Bret Baker
Pine Knot News Outdoors 

Tales from the 'angler's playground'


January 4, 2019

Photos by Bret Baker/ Pine Knot News

The sun rises over Lake Superior during a recent ice fishing trip to the Duluth- Superior Harbor, where Bret Baker and fishing partner Lance Horvat were joined on the ice by many other outdoors enthusiasts.

Most every Friday as I arrive home from work, the kids pepper me with requests. Inevitably the questions fall along a common theme. "Can so-and-so come over?" "Can we go do A, B, or C with them?" Or the all-time favorite, "Can (insert friend's name) spend the night?"

This Friday I turned the tables on my unsuspecting wife. "Jamie, can I go play with Mr. Horvat in the morning?" Of course it was worded a lot manlier, but that was the basic question. Translated to the outdoorsman's wife: I'm going fishing, and it's going to be godawful early when I leave.

The sun is a couple of hours from br...

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