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History mystery

We recieved responses to our inquiry last week about the photo found here of a group of people, young and old, believed to have been taken likely 50 years ago. If you have any items for History Myster...


Area church youth gather in Cloquet

Approximately 200 people gathered at the Common Ground building in Cloquet last week to gear up for the fall church season. Pastor Brandon Monson, youth pastor at Grace Baptist in Cloquet, said 10... Full story


There goes the judge

When asked what cases stand out most over his career, recently retired Judge Robert Macaulay doesn't have to think for long. None of them, he says. "No case was more important than the next to me," Ma...


Rat pack invades Mahtowa

For the 13th year in a row, yes, even during last year's pandemic - hundreds of people descended upon downtown Mahtowa for the annual Rat Rod Rendezvous. It's a car show, but with more rust showing an... Full story


FAITH: Look before you let go a 'like'

House to House Heart to Heart Carlton County Church of Christ Before you hit “share” or “like” on that post, consider Paul’s admonition from Philippians 4:8: “Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble,... Full story


End of summer care(s)

Children of all ages at Judy's House day care celebrated the end of summer last week with unlimited trips (except during naptime) on a giant blowup slide. It was quite a year, said owner and at-home...


Volunteering is this senior's gig

Shirley Goodwin of Barnum was honored as the Outstanding Senior Citizen at the Carlton County Fair in Barnum last month. "It was quite the experience," she said this week as she prepared to head to...


Horse Sensitivity

Residents of Sunnyside Health Care Center enjoyed a sunny afternoon outside earlier this month when cardiac rehab director Azur Coleman brought her daughters Araya and Keaira, and their horses, to...

 By Steve Korby    People    August 27, 2021

Korby: Cloquet native has lot to look back on

Bob Bromme recently stopped in Cloquet to catch up with friends and to pay a reverent visit to the site where his wife is buried, and where he will be, too. He's 88 now, born in 1933, and lives in... Full story

 By Lydia Stone    People    August 27, 2021

Students share thoughts on school days

Pine Knot News intern Lydia Stone spent last week asking fellow Cloquet schools attendees to share their thoughts on going back to the classroom in September. Here are their responses. “Online schoo... Full story

 By Lydia Stone    People    August 27, 2021

Going back to school takes the shape of a W

Going through high school while online learning was a big change, but the biggest change for me last year was not having any of my normal extracurricular activities. Almost everything I participated... Full story


Gramma Polo turns 100

It's been 10 years since Charlotte Polo retired from working at Polo Liquors in Scanlon, stepping down after 65 years at the helm of the family business. Last week her family helped "Gramma Polo"... Full story


The Rickety Desk: Book chronicles a long hard struggle with illness

A recently written book by Esko area resident Elaine Osborne confronts the reader with questions about what we believe and why. “If I Felt Alone” is the story of Osborne’s struggle against the... Full story


On Faith: Find a good place for your emotions

I'm hearing people are having all the emotions. Are you hearing this as well? Maybe more importantly, are you experiencing this? Several weeks ago, I read about the rise in airline incidents with...


Readers' Corner: 'Good Enough' poem

Writer Janice Laurie shared this poem with the Pine Knot News recently. Writing is her passion, but she didn’t have much time when she and her husband, Brian, were raising their kids in Esko. Now Laurie is working on her writing skill again and wan... Full story

 By Lydia Stone    People    August 6, 2021

Neighbors build community with National Night Out

Upon arrival at the gathering on Cloquet's White Pine Drive, laughter and conversations echo down the block. Children jump in a bouncy house while firefighters attentively give tours of the giant...


Carlton County DFL activists honored by state DFL

I always marvel over the magic of potluck dinners. Without comparing notes, everyone brings a homemade dish and, abracadabra, there's a variety of tasty foods representing the main food groups,... Full story

 By Pine Knot News    People    July 30, 2021

1950s classmates reunite

Graduates of the Cloquet High School classes of 1953, 1954 and 1955 gathered at the River Inn in Scanlon July 22 and 1952 Alborn High School graduate Walt Lindquist was there with a camera to take... Full story

 By Jana Peterson    People    July 30, 2021

Veterans advocate earns top state award

Carlton County veterans knew, but now the entire state is aware of what a special Disabled American Veterans commander we have after Stan Heuer was named "Minnesota Commander of the year" by the... Full story

 By Steve Korby    People    July 30, 2021

Korby's Connections: Finally, the magazine cover dream comes true

As a kid, I often dreamed, looking out the Scanlon grade school windows, of what magazine cover I might someday grace. I thought it was very possible, in fact likely. Kind of cocky for a little kid.... Full story


A branch off the area CSA farming tree

In 2005, Rick Dalen and his wife Karola had the opportunity to start their own Community Supported Agriculture business under the tutelage of John Fisher-Merritt, founder of the Food Farm in... Full story

 By Jana Peterson    People    July 23, 2021

Meet the science stars making a mark

With Cloquet's high school science fair participation decimated by Covid and distance learning over the past year-and-a-half, the handful of older students who stuck with it are seeing dramatic... Full story


Holding on despite dairy trends

"I am one of a dying breed," said Peter Laveau during a recent interview at his farm. He is referring to his occupation as an independent family dairy farmer. In 1990, the state numbered just under... Full story

 By Mike Creger    People    July 16, 2021

80 years and still a kid's kid

Her voice has a certain gravitas to it, then at turns it is lifted by a whimsical lilt driving a hearty laugh. Free as a kid's laugh, really. It is her 80th birthday, and a party has sprung up near...

 By Pine Knot News    People    July 16, 2021

Christian music festival goes back to its roots

After missing last summer due to the pandemic, a new version of an annual Christian music festival will return to Cloquet's Veterans Park on Aug. 14. The Wood City Music Festival will now be known as... Full story


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