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Our View: Speak up on schools, Carlton residents

It’s not a done deal. That was the rally cry from Carlton school board members Monday night when it comes to the possible closure of the district’s high school and the continuing talks about a tuition agreement allowing ninth- through 12th-grader...


Harry's gang: Let's slow the roar on Esko snowmobile trails

Nothing sounds more like winter in the modern age than the roar of snowmobiles racing across town, engines revving, maybe a long line of enthusiasts following close behind. You just don’t hear that... Full story

 By Jana Peterson    Opinion    October 22, 2021 

From the editor: Nonprofit expands reach toward preventing addiction

Although its roots are in mentoring, Cloquet's nonprofit REACH organization has been evolving to meet community needs from the beginning. A $920,000 grant from the Minnesota Department of Human... Full story

 By Parnell Thill    Opinion    October 22, 2021 


My wife was in California for a week, so I turned on the TV and watched all the stuff I'd been hoarding - a sickening amount sports, including UFC - which isn't really allowed when she's around...


Harry's Gang: Annual four-day break is welcome in our house

There’s nothing like a random four-day weekend for kids from school. Education Minnesota weekend is coming up next weekend and it’s a treat for students and for many parents, who take the opportun... Full story


Our View: In TikTok age, let's hope sense wins out

Sometimes, everyday ordinary events give us a glimpse into the world we will see someday, and we’re generally happy with what we see. Case in point: recently, the Cloquet Middle school was inundated by an internet influence that encouraged...


Harry's Gang: With this fairy tale, let the old tropes go

There’s a pretty standard formula for fairy tales, it seems, where a beautiful princess finds a handsome prince who sweeps her off her feet, and they live happily ever after. The formula is so... Full story


On The Mark: Rural counties win in recruiting workers

Some years ago, I reported on the success of Carlton and Aitkin counties in attracting new residents. University of Minnesota researchers found that for the period 2000-2010, these two counties...


Letter to the editor: Thanks to school for honoring Native past

I am writing to acknowledge the positive reports I heard about how Cloquet middle and high schools recognized “Orange Shirt Day” on Sept. 30. I heard many staff wore orange shirts and there were some classes where they discussed the history of... Full story


Our View: Way to go, Chamber winners

The Cloquet Area Chamber of Commerce held its 68th annual meeting, banquet and awards ceremony this week, after skipping last year due to the pandemic, and it was fun to see area business leaders get together in one room again. We appreciate the loca...


Harry's Gang: Let's leave audits to accountants, examiners

The private audit in Arizona of the already audited vote tally was a predictable farce. It should surprise no one that nothing was uncovered. Even the report’s dubious insinuations were immediately... Full story


On The Mark: Workforce takes a hit from lingering pandemic

It’s been a tough year for most of us. We lost many people, especially among our elderly populations. Many workers lost their jobs. Others had to show up, especially those in our health care...


Letter To The Editor: West End event was wonderful

Hooray, hooray to the staff of the Pine Knot News. Thanks to Ivan Hohnstadt, Jana Peterson and everyone else who helped organize the Sept. 25 West End Flourish event. They brought the sleepy west end of Cloquet alive, at least for a day. It was nice... Full story


Our View: Join the Flourish fun in West End

Driving around town, you’ll find remnants of long-forgotten commercial activity in many neighborhoods, such as corner groceries and other stores that have evolved into residential space, as most commercial activity moved downtown or to the...


Harry's Gang: It's a puzzle why we don't have an animal shelter

When a new lawyer gets into town, they’re often inundated with requests from local organizations, asking us to get involved and volunteer with their group. It’s a great way to quickly become a...


Francy That: Farm stories show the value of local agriculture

For the past several months, I have had the privilege of interviewing and writing about a few of the farmers in Carlton County. Summer is an extremely busy time for them, but they graciously sat...


Our View: Chance to celebrate Gordy is welcomed

We applaud the family of the late Gordy Lundquist for inviting everyone to an ice cream social Sunday to celebrate the life of the legendary patriarch and founder of the famous drive-in that bears his name. When Gordy and his wife, Marilyn, started...


Harry's Gang: In a league of lawyers, Tom Skare stood out

I learned Tom Skare passed away over Labor Day weekend. He was apparently in his law office on Cloquet Avenue across from the Holiday gas station, where he spent a lot of his time, and wasn’t heard... Full story


Nature's Path: Listen to the wind

Reading the wind is an art. The wind carries important messages in smells, sounds, debris and signs of change in the weather that let us know what is happening both near and far. If you have been...


We miss the coach who changed soccer for us

In light of the one-year anniversary of Anthony L. Makela III's tragic death, we wanted to share with the world how much he meant to those around him. Tony passed away in a single-vehicle accident on... Full story


Our View: Sanitary district serves our needs

No one likes unflattering publicity, even if the negative incidents happened years ago and have little semblance to today’s activities. But it can still sting. That’s exactly what happened after we ran our story last month about Elaine Osborne, w... Full story


United we may strive, but divided we definitely are

The recent political events in Texas got me thinking a bit. As a Catholic, I've never been a fan of abortion. As a Democrat, I value the personal freedoms and rights all people should have, whether... Full story


On The Mark: Hospital navigates Covid storm

Among area enterprises propelled into the Covid hotseat, Community Memorial Hospital must be our local ground zero. Demand for its care and services skyrocketed from the start, peaking in winter...


Letter: Parade entries should be vetted first

I was very disappointed in some signs in the Cloquet Labor Day parade. "Trump won" isn't a political statement. Police officers died on Jan. 6 over an issue that isn't valid at all. There was a... Full story


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