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Our View: Mindfulness drove this story decision

Sometimes, the press will protect the identity of a source in order to protect that person from retribution, scorn or embarrassment, or for some other reason. That doesn’t alleviate the reporter’s duty to verify the information, but the source...


Harry's Gang: Reckoning awaits when it comes to eviction moratorium

I feel sorry for landlords who have been bitten by both the federal and state eviction moratoriums during the Covid-19 pandemic. Losing the ability to evict someone for not paying their rent could... Full story


Student Views: Small changes can add up to a better earth

I've spent my whole life growing up in the countryside and getting the chance to try many outdoor activities. I understand that most people have never gotten the chance to experience the outdoors...

 By Ann Markusen    Opinion    February 19, 2021 

On The Mark: State and regional Covid-19 responses are above the curve

There are two complementary ways to avoid Covid-19 and reduce its incidence in our communities. Social distancing is one: the tiresome masking and regression to private spaces and the internet for...


Soil & Water News: Serving to protect what we have

Many of you are acquainted with our local Carlton County Soil and Water Conservation District. Our small team has achieved great successes following our mission of "Assisting landowners in protecting...


Our View: This extreme cold defines who we are

Winter in Minnesota is rarely routine. With all the snow and cold we get in northern Minnesota, it’s the perfect place to hold an ice fishing contest, or a snowmobile exhibition, or a sled dog...


Harry's Gang: Financial institutions change but community value remains

We're fortunate to have so many quality banking options here in town. Not only do we have a couple branches of some major banks, we also have plenty of smaller, local banks for most services. It's... Full story


Letters to the editor: Words matter on way to more robust civility

Our country continues to go through a traumatic time. Nobody in Congress trusts anyone, and hatred for the other party seems the norm. Very few people are willing to compromise. I think the biggest problem we have is that too many politicians, ads,...


Guest views: Five questions with local GOP and DFL leaders

We posed five questions to the leaders of Carlton County’s political party organizations about the state of politics today. Tony Sheda is the chairman of the Carlton County Republicans and Patty Murto is chairwoman of the Carlton County DFL.... Full story


Student View: Consolidation is best for academics

Wrenshall High School students wrote editorials in Ted Conover’s English composition class and some shared their opinions with the Pine Knot News. We will be publishing their work over the next few... Full story


Our View: This is icing on a cake baked long ago

By some important accounts, you are reading the “most outstanding weekly newspaper” in Minnesota. And we could not be more proud. As you can read elsewhere in this issue, your Pine Knot News won 33 awards and a trophy at last week’s Minnesota...


Harry's Gang: Political cooperation depends on someone blinking first

My son Patrick wrote a little poem a few years ago that went something like this: "If we practice an 'eye for an eye' pretty soon we'll all be blind." I had been trying to teach my boys about the... Full story


Newspaper people can certainly dream big

Jana and I were doing the math. It’s a common game to play after the awards ceremony at the annual convention that draws newspaper people in from across the state each January. We win this, enter that, carry the one … we could have a trophy.... Full story

 By Kaya Stark    Opinion    February 5, 2021

Student View: Struggles with Covid-19 and learning are normal

Most high school students have been “distance learning” since last March. Last school year we were sent home from school for the rest of the academic year due to rising Covid-19 cases. That being said, we only had about two months left of the...


Letter to the editor: Protect children from river down at the park

I have sent notes to the Cloquet City Council and park board about the safety concerns at the park and playground on Dunlap Island. There is no fence to protect kids from accidentally falling into the river. We have lost people in the river either...


Letters to the editor: President Biden needs to be contained

I cannot believe how the Democrats are scrambling to undo President Trump’s progress. I just heard on the news where President Biden is signing executive orders at a rate much higher than his predecessors. He is totally bypassing Congress. It is...


Our View: It's a delicate dance with tax burdens

We value our fire protection in Carlton County, and we particularly like the lower home insurance premiums we enjoy thanks to having a fully staffed, 24/7 fire department with an excellent response time here in Cloquet. But another public building...


Francy That: It's rinse, repeat on discord -but don't let that dash hopes

It comes with age, not wisdom necessarily as the Bible says, but rather an ability to recognize and fathom the depth of the divide facing our democracy. We have been here before, in the lifetimes of... Full story


On The Mark: Here's a look at how pandemic relief was spread

Since March, trillions of dollars of pandemic-related aid has flowed from the federal government to the states. This aid took many forms, including direct add-ons to unemployment payments and grants... Full story


The Master Gardeners: Scratch garden itch, even in winter depths

With Covid-19 and the political events in our nation's capital occupying our minds, gardening is perhaps not the central focus of one's thought process this month. Yet, gardening for many is a place...


Our view: Back-to-school is welcome any time

We are not weather forecasters, but we predict a warmup next week, due to parents all around the county breathing a big sigh of relief when their children finally go back to school. Most Carlton County schools announced a return to the classroom for...


Harry's Gang: I'm missing watching history parade by in Washington, D.C.

I was supposed to be in Washington this week, but I canceled my plane tickets in early December. We had been planning to attend the inauguration, taking advantage of Martin Luther King Jr. Day to... Full story


Our View: Responsibility can keep things open

Finally. After a holiday season where restaurants and bars were closed for indoor dining, the state has finally allowed them to open dining rooms for dine-in customers, following a few guidelines to keep patrons and staff safe from the coronavirus....


Harry's Gang: On court, experience should be valued over any ideology

The Supreme Court took a hard turn to conservatism when President Trump appointed Amy Coney Barrett just a few months ago. Despite the disappointing way she was confirmed to the court, she exhibits... Full story


Our View: Enjoy the trails and respect others

Cloquet has an excellent system of recreational trails that are, for the most part, maintained by a handful of dedicated volunteers and one very dedicated and highly qualified part-time groomer hired by the city. That’s why it’s sad to see...


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