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OUR VIEW: Be wary of rules on winter parking

Cloquet does not allow parking on city streets overnight during the snow season. From November 1 until March 31, cars cannot be parked on the streets or in alleys between midnight and 6 a.m. In Esko, it’s prohibited between 4 a.m. and 7 a.m., and...


HARRY'S GANG: Jimmy Carter is my favorite

Jimmy Carter has always been my favorite president. I’m not sure many people agreed with me, because when he ran for re-election in 1980 he got only about 40 percent of the vote and lost to Ronald...

 By Ann Markusen    Opinion    November 15, 2019 

ON THE MARK: Compassion is where you look

Lately, I’ve been searching for compassion in our public discourse. Actually, I’ve been longing for more discourse, period. The kind where people listen carefully to each other and honor the...


LETTER: The expense of failures

After three failed referendums, at a community cost of $100,000 or so, Wrenshall has reached out to Carlton Schools to consolidate, costing both communities once again. I attended a public meeting at the Sawyer Community Center where Ehlers and ARI... Full story


OUR VIEW: Please be safe out there

Firearms deer season starts this weekend, and it’s a Big Deal to many of us hunters. The camaraderie, tradition, and sport of deer hunting is a Minnesota institution. It’s often a family affair, with many children accompanying their parents on hu...


Harry's Gang: Vote for me and you can have it all

The Democrats are excited to find the right candidate to take on the incumbent in next year’s Presidential election. They’re spending a lot of time and energy to pick the right candidate, and the...


LETTER: Let the people vote

Thomas Jefferson wrote, “Wherever the people are well informed they can be trusted with their own government.” I would like to commend the Carlton School Board for providing voters with detailed information on various building and consolidation s...


Guest view: Don't take deer hunting heritage for granted

In just a few days, Minnesotans from across the state will take part in a tradition many of us look forward to each fall: the firearms deer hunting season. The opportunity to get outside, the challenge of the hunt, time with family and friends, and...


Guest Commentary: Newspaper intern checks in from Africa

Three years ago, a dream came true for a 26-year-old woman from Uganda who had struggled all her life to get an education, who felt lucky just to make it through school. Then, a year after her... Full story


Mothy Musings: Here's two trains with divergent tracks

Imagine two passenger trains, sitting in the same railway station in a small Minnesota town. Each is taking on passengers bound for a year-long tour of the country, but set to travel in opposite direc... Full story


Our View: Look everywhere for the best chief

Like former Chief Wade Lamirande, and Dewey Johnson before him, acting police chief Derek Randall has been a member of the Cloquet police department for years and has worked his way up the ladder at the police department. While Randall is now acting... Full story


Our View: It's simple, Subscribe and we thrive

There’s no free lunch. But there is this one free issue of the Pine Knot News. You’re receiving this paper in your mailbox this week because we want you to subscribe. Those of us at the Pine Knot News started a new local newspaper — by... Full story


Harry's Gang: Bash the press? Think again

As a patriotic American, I am proud of our Constitution and all its amendments (I am particularly fond of the 21st). But there’s a reason why the First Amendment comes first. Freedom of speech and... Full story


Essentia threatens future of vital community hospital

The Pine Knot recently had an excellent article about the merger of Community Memorial Hospital and the Raiter Clinic ("Cloquet's health care twins make it official," Sept. 27, 2019). That article... Full story


Letters: High taxes across county are hurting homeowners

The financial stress that is being put on individuals and families by our elected officials in the form of new taxes each year must be looked at very seriously because of how the continual increases are affecting people’s lives. The population of... Full story


OUR VIEW: Music helps make a city hum

It’s no secret that this newspaper was eager to locate its hometown office in the West End of downtown Cloquet. For historic reasons, our neighborhood is the perfect place for us, and it helps ignite the resurgence of a walkable, “parkable...


Harry's Gang: Get your city vote in on Nov. 5

There’s a primary election coming up in Cloquet’s Ward 3, and three very good candidates are running. I had a chance to interview all three on “Harry’s Gang” on CAT-7. We talked,...


OUR VIEW: Short-term arena fix is an expensive wake-up call

$52,000. That’s a lot of money to replace the refrigerant in the old “Barn,” especially since there is no guarantee this new batch of R-22 just won’t leak out again. Cloquet’s original indoor ice arena is showing its age, and the system...


GUEST VIEW: Column about Trump went too far

When Barack Obama was elected president, and for the next eight years, I wrote many letters criticizing his policies. I knew that he had voted against bills outlawing partial birth abortion, in favor of gun control laws on law-abiding citizens,... Full story


HARRY'S GANG: It's not the government's fault

“Sorry to bother you on a Saturday, but my walk-in cooler isn’t working and if you can’t fix it today, I’ll have to throw everything out ... or do an awful lot of eating tonight!” That’s...


ON THE MARK: What we know about artists

We are learning a lot about industrial arts training and jobs these days, well-deserved and long overdue. But what about artists? Musicians, performing artists, writers, filmmakers, painters,...


GUEST VIEW: Power of the press remains a force

In 1928, Frank Capra made a silent movie called "The Power of the Press." Douglas Fairbanks Jr. played Clem Rogers, an ambitious cub reporter hungry for a scoop. He gets more than he bargained for whe... Full story


Pardon might be the Trump card

President George W. Bush used to say he was a “uniter; not a divider” and in a lot of ways he was right. I wasn’t a particularly big fan of his conservative politics and I felt he jumped onto...


LETTER: Esko tower story goes deeper

I submit this information to clarify some aspects in your story “Technology has passed by Thomson Township laws” in the Oct. 4 issue of the Pine Knot News. The current town ordinance does allow these types of towers to be built. However, the ordi... Full story


LETTER: In Difference

In Difference In difference may we find peace, understanding, compassion, hope and love. In difference may we leave behind selfish ambitions, fear, anger, hatred and politics. Indifference causes strife, anxiety, emptiness, loneliness and suffering.... Full story


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