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Letter to the Editor: Story spurs action on wandering letter

In regard to the “Sticky letter” article in the Feb. 9 edition of the Pine Knot News, the very next morning a U.S. Postal Service mail van pulled up to my house. The postmaster of the Saginaw post office stepped out of the van and introduced... Full story


Letter to the Editor: Roundabouts can work, I've seen it

I attended the Minnesota Highway 33 meeting on Feb. 1 at the Cloquet Library. Here are some things I can say about the discussion. I heard someone say the roundabout at Washington Avenue and 14th Street doesn’t work. I live close to that intersecti... Full story


Letter to the Editor: Dotseth is fighting for us in District 11A

I’m writing on behalf of Rep. Jeff Dotseth’s bid for reelection as representing Minnesota House District 11A in the state legislature. Jeff has firmly stood behind and represented the values of voters in our district. Unlike the ruling party in... Full story


Seniors share 'This I believe' essays

The Feeling of Family By Merissa Witte When I was younger my dad would play bands on the radio like Bon Jovi, Van Halen, Guns N’ Roses. I’d sit there in the car with my siblings trying to figure out who the band was and what song of theirs it... Full story


From the EDITOR: Why not read it in the newspaper?

Following the Cloquet City Council meeting Tuesday, a few of us were standing around talking about the Highway 33 public meeting last week. And one of the complaints — among many — was the lack... Full story


Letter to the editor: Protection for wolves makes a lot of sense

When politicians meddle with nature, trouble can happen. But people, such as Minnesota Department of Natural Resources wildlife manager Kelly Straka, seem to be a voice of reason when it comes to managing the population of Minnesota wildlife. As a... Full story


On The Farm: Small can still win on farming front

The “Go big, or get out” mantra has dominated U.S. agriculture for decades. It is getting push-back from small and medium-sized farmers in the Lake Superior regions of Minnesota and Wisconsin,... Full story


Local representatives offer session preview

The Pine Knot News asked the two members of the Minnesota Legislature who represent the area to offer their views on the session that begins on Monday, Feb. 12. The often head-spinning budget session... Full story


On Mauer entering Hall

Pine Knot News columnist Steve Korby was curious about the Carlton County reaction to former Minnersota Twin Joe Mauer’s induction into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame, which was announced last week. So he asked. Catch his reaction to the... Full story


Letter: Forestry Center status still a secret

As a former director, I have often been asked about the status of the Cloquet Forestry Center. I am not in the loop but did recently receive a copy of the University of Minnesota’s annual report, “View of the Woods,” which includes information... Full story


Francy that: When it comes to saving the world, everybody matters

We live in the land of more than 10,000 lakes and 6,000 rivers and streams. Fresh clean water sustains our way of life from the systems in our homes, to the farmers who grow our food, to the outdoor... Full story


Our View: Wither winter?

The phrase is simple enough, and surely heard often these days. We are Minnesotans, afterall. We like to talk about the weather. But for some reason, the phrase just doesn’t resonate like it might in other years. Of course, the last time we had a... Full story


Harry's Gang: So long for now as I run again

It’s said that one definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, but expecting a different result. Regardless, this will be my last “Harry’s Gang” column for a while, because... Full story


Letter: What's your screen time? Excessive?

I use my computer all day at school. Then I do homework on my device until I nod off. I overuse screen time. Experts say we should use our devices for under two hours and 30 minutes, and here is why. As an adult, your phone is essential for... Full story


Letter: Has Iowa shown us something?

Although Donald Trump won the Republican caucus in Iowa, it was the lowest voter turnout in years with only 14 percent of registered voters, according to David Muir of ABC News. Weather may have contributed. However, this means 86 percent failed to... Full story


Our View: Gun violence hits home

By now, it cannot come as a shock that even our own backyard is not immune from gun violence. In the blink of an eye in America, where our infatuation with guns exceeds our sense of order, a grudge, grievance or some other precipitator can yield... Full story


Harry's Gang: Will co-ops rise against the odds?

My office is in the old Cloquet Co-op building in Esko, and it carries a lot of history. The thing is built solid. Those Finlanders obviously expected the building to be around for a hundred years or... Full story


Letter: Thanks in a dire time

I just wanted to express my gratitude for how the community responded on Jan. 8 to the shootings at the Super 8 hotel. Someone with the emergency response team mentioned to me, “I got into this line of work because I wanted to help people.” He... Full story


Letter: Hunters have real beefs about wolves

In your Dec. 22, “Our View” editorial and its “thumbs down” of the new Hunters4Hunters group, it was obvious to me that the individual writing this biased view either did not attend the Carlton meeting or was sleeping through the... Full story


Letter: Don't farm out Barnum busing

The Barnum bus drivers continue to struggle with being short-staffed. The ultimate solution would be to hire two additional bus drivers. The district is considering an alternative solution that is concerning the bus drivers and the community. The... Full story


Harry's Gang: Road trip rules add to fun times

The holidays were fun, with so many relatives at our house that no one really wanted it to end. So, after Christmas, my sisters invited Tommy, 16, to drive back to the Cities with them. He jumped at... Full story

 By Steve Korby    Opinion    January 5, 2024

Korby's Connections: Learning outside

Reviewing the recent home mailing from the Cloquet Educational Foundation, I recalled an exceptional environmental learning experience with my son at Wolf Ridge Center in Finland, Minnesota. It was... Full story


Harry's Gang: Give ground for common good

Years ago, the United Way of Carlton County was in a bit of a pickle. Potlatch had just been sold to Sappi; there were layoffs and uncertainty, and the annual United Way campaign was in jeopardy. A... Full story


Letter to the editor: It's good to hear from back home

I lived in Carlton then Cloquet for over 30 years. Then my job took me to the Twin Cities where I have resided since. I have family in your area so visit occasionally. I love it “up there.” Every week I look forward to the mail so I can receive... Full story


Harry's Gang: More 'we' needed in discourse

Opinions are as unique as fingerprints. Everybody has one, and every one is different, even if only slightly. In politics, we gather together based on our opinions, much like metal shavings around a... Full story


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