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Our View: Kindness can win every time

There’s a lot to be questioned when it comes to the human capacity for kindness. There is much to consider in world events and politics, especially if you follow too closely on social media. It makes one wonder what kindness in your own sphere can...

 By Ann Markusen    Opinion    May 13, 2022 

On The Mark: Music is elixir for gray spring days

It’s been a chilly, damp, dark stretch, from early March through April. The beautiful winter ice for skating melted months ago. Snow for skiing disappeared in bits and drabs. Purple finch and...


Letters To The Editor: Vote for a thoughtful candidate

I was appalled to read that Jeff Dotseth is campaigning on his support for “Stand Your Ground” laws. After this past winter’s local experience of a citizen being severely injured in a road rage incident, it should be clear to all that... Full story

 By Lee Hamilton    Opinion    May 6, 2022

Comments on Congress: Bipartisanship isn't dead, but…

Having just watched a Supreme Court nominee supported by a comfortable majority of Americans draw just three Republican votes in the Senate, you could be forgiven for thinking bipartisanship in Congress is a thing of the past. And in the case of...


Tree diversity is key

Congratulations to Cloquet city officials for getting Tree City status. I believe the last time we received the designation was during mayor Arlene Wolner's tenure. She was a dedicated tree person as...


Letter: Team was magic

Just a few notes about last week’s story about the 1963 Cloquet boys basketball team. A few years ago the Carlton County Historical Society had a program about this team and season. They had on display the actual state runner-up trophy. It was... Full story


Letter: Support candidate on Stand Your Ground

As our country will soon be heating up with election campaigns, I would like to bring attention to Minnesota House Representative 11A candidate Jeff Dotseth who supports a bill that gained traction in the Minnesota legislature in 2017 but did not... Full story


Letter: Chamber doesn't get 'local' designation

Are you kidding me? The Cloquet Pine Journal is the Cloquet area’s small business of the year? It is based and published in Duluth by Forum Communications, a Fargo, North Dakota company. The Cloquet Chamber of Commerce clearly doesn’t understand... Full story


Our View: Thumbs up, thumbs down

Thumbs up Bravo to Nathan Barta. He’s the Esko High School senior who took the time to come up with a plan for more equal county commissioner districts and then presented it to commissioners earlier this month. Wow. How many teenagers even bother... Full story

 By Mike Creger    Opinion    April 29, 2022

Knot Pining: Insect visitor conjures infestations of the past

I probably did not adequately express to Jana the trauma I felt when we discovered a boxelder bug in the front window of the Pine Knot News office this week. I had just spent most of the morning talking to people about ash borers, and their official... Full story


Our View: Do a community solid: Pick up poop

Spring may be the season of snow and mud in Minnesota, but earlier this month city administrator Tim Peterson pointed out a third substance that emerges in spring: dog poop. "We've had a lot of compla... Full story

 By Mike Creger    Opinion    April 22, 2022

Knot Pining: Being mindful of every breath

There’s been a truly serviceable public service announcement on area radio stations since the pandemic started. I say that because Kevin Love, the former Minnesota Timberwolves player, is speaking about anxieties in troubled times and turning to... Full story


Letter: Forestry Center story is important

Thanks to Jana Peterson for the nice article she wrote for the Pine Knot about the status of the Cloquet Forestry Center. The transparency she provided which has been sorely lacking was welcome. The Cloquet Forestry Center has a rich and productive... Full story


Notes From The Small Pond: Don't pay me

Every now and then it crowds into one’s consciousness: Why am I rich, poor or middling? How’d I get here? How does Relativity matter? What if I was in Ukraine? Now what? What after I’m dead? At... Full story


Our View: Move over, slow down

Last Friday, a local firefighter could have been hit by a passing driver. Fortunately, he had retrieved the equipment he was taking from the rescue truck before the driver demolished the traffic cone... Full story


Letter: Trip was pure education

While all the attention in the Pine Knot News about being stranded in Miami was fun for our young travelers, I just want to clarify that the trip to Costa Rica was part of a class for educational credit. The itinerary of the trip is very robust and e... Full story

 By Mike Creger    Opinion    April 15, 2022

Knot Pining: Discourse as discord rises

Sometimes I feel like I’m 12 years old. Other times I feel all of the many decades of my nose to the journalism grindstone. It’s a constant battle of finding the youthful energy to be indignant versus what the spent energy will yield in the end f... Full story


Guest View: Fabric of people is what counts

Maybe it’s the perspective a long life brings, but I find myself eyeing with some skepticism the glut of “personal brands” that assault us every day on television, in print, and through social media. Entertainers, celebrities, politicians...

 By Mike Creger    Opinion    April 8, 2022

Knot Pining: Place your slogan here

I remain struck by the tagline for WDIO-TV in Duluth: “With You For Life.” Seems ominous, doesn’t it? It’s a double entendre, maybe. First meaning, perhaps, “with you through this journey of life.” But if it is a double entendre, I’m no... Full story


Our View: Racist comments have no place

It was the Snapchat heard around the world, or at least the part of the globe where most of our readers live and work. A tossed off conversation between teenage boys on social media, packed with racist comments that they apparently thought were...

 By Mike Creger    Opinion    April 1, 2022

Knot Pining: It's time for new state flag

Don't blame the flag designer from 1893. It was a rush job, with one significant requirement that is vexing vexillologists today. That's the word used for flag experts, people who study and comment...

 By Ann Markusen    Opinion    April 1, 2022

On The Mark: Invasion thwarts democracy

Russia’s current invasion of Ukraine, a peaceful independent nation, can only be explained by revisiting late 20th-century history. I am rusty on much of this, so I’ve spent some time reviewing... Full story


Letter to the editor: Sheda is not alone

I would like to respond to the article “One-man battle on petition continues” regarding the Wrenshall schools. First, Tony Sheda isn’t the only one who’s upset with how things were handled with the petition costs. The next statement that upse... Full story


Letter to the editor: Thanks for the memories

I greatly appreciated Steve Korby's article on Dickie Eklund and Ray Poirier. I didn't know Dickie well, but I remember him riding his bike with Ray. My band was not a polka band, but we did do "Just... Full story


Guest View: It's always your right to know

Editor’s note: This column was written for Sunshine Week — an initiative by newspapers across the country to shine a light on the need for open government and access to public information — two years ago. This year, Sunshine Week was scheduled... Full story


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