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 By Lee Hamilton    Opinion    August 5, 2022 

Comments on Congress: Jan. 6 Committee reminds us of what Congress can do

Watching the hearings held by the Jan. 6 committee as it delves into last year’s events at the U.S. Capitol and what lay behind them, I’ve been struck by what you might think of as the “meta-coverage.” It’s been fascinating to see. Most... Full story

 By Parnell Thill    Opinion    August 5, 2022 

Notes from the Small Pond: CONFIDENCE… or lack thereof …

The best thing to do when you lose confidence in yourself is find it. Unless you’re not breathing, it’s in there, somewhere. Even in the meekest, most humble and fragile of us, the thing that... Full story


How many Minnesotans read newspapers?

Minnesota is home to 14,000 lakes, 12,000 loons, 135,000 seasonal lake cabins and 3.9 million newspaper readers. Really? Really. Every month, 86 percent of Minnesota adults read newspapers’ print and online issues, according to a new Minnesota Mark... Full story


Letter to the editor: Comments 'degrading,' says FDLTCC board

The Fond du Lac Tribal College Board of Directors (FDLTCBOD) finds the comments made by a sitting Wrenshall school board member regarding our American Indian ancestors disrespectful and degrading. The comments made by the school board member were in... Full story


Francy that: We can't take water for granted

Cool, clear, water. Nothing compares with that most basic of human needs, the substance that comprises 55-60 percent of our bodies, the liquid that flows freely from our taps, flushes our toilets and...


Letter: Life begins and ends with a heartbeat

As a pro-life supporter, I have been in many discussions and debates on the issue of abortion. There have been many points as to the rights of the mother and of the unborn baby, with some focus around the timing of an abortion during the pregnancy.... Full story


Letter: Blaming current issues on Biden is silly

Recently I received in my mailbox a stamped envelope with no post office markings and no signature or return address, and inside a letter written to me. Obviously, the unknown [writer] knows my political opines or has read them in several printings.... Full story


Letter: Sheriff comes to the rescue

During Wrong Days in Wright, my wife, Susan Nichols, was having trouble locking the door to the Senior Center. Sheriff Kelly Lake happened to be driving by, and Susan flagged her down. After a few minutes, she got the door locked. I‘m glad we... Full story


Ad Libbing: Building community is a group project

It’s not often I contribute editorial content. My primary responsibility is to make sure we can pay the bills. In short, sell advertising. But I was reminded again of the importance of a local newspaper while listening to Weekend Edition Sunday on...


Letter to the editor: Township should be more proactive

At times, I have been very critical of local government, but I actually applaud their day-to-day work of taking care of maintaining roads and bridges and snow plowing: For the most part, the road crews do an excellent job under some trying... Full story


Letter to the editor: Let's communicate

What are we missing? We think (1) climate change is an existential issue requiring major, immediate, bipartisan government action; (2) government and policy that reflect the majority would promote a more perfect union, and (3) more unites us than... Full story

 By Ann Markusen    Opinion    July 8, 2022

On The Mark: Week in Brazil is a thrill

Often, we learn a lot about our own country, state, city and workplaces by sharing experiences with counterparts around the world. In late June, I flew to Belo Horizonte, Brazil, to participate in a... Full story

 By Pine Knot News    Opinion    July 8, 2022

Our View: Wasn't that 4th and 5th something?

It was by no means your typical Fourth of July in Cloquet this year. And, really, why should it have been, after all we’ve gone through in the past three years? We went from no events in 2020 due to the threat of the pandemic to a limited event in...


Letter to the editor: Educational system is under attack

I went to Wrenshall schools and have lived in the district longer than most of the people who seem to have the need to bash the board. My history with the district does not, however, give my opinion more truth. Just because you went to Wrenshall... Full story

 By Pine Knot News    Opinion    July 1, 2022

Guest View: To make progress, bring some hope

Many years ago, I was in the audience when the Rev. Jesse Jackson, the legendary civil rights activist and election mobilizer, gave a speech. He often used the catchphrase, “Keep hope alive!” when he spoke, and he did so that time. The audience p... Full story


Harry's Gang: Patty was an inspiration

I owe my career to Patty Murto, and now that she's no longer around to thank, Jana is letting me do it through this column. Not that I haven't thanked her before. Over the years, I told Patty plenty o... Full story


Letter to the editor: The time has come for all to get involved

For the last few months we have been attending our Silver Township meetings to find out why we do not have fire coverage in our area. The saga continues and we still do not have coverage due to confusion and rewriting of the contract, as I understand... Full story


Letter: Don't bring down our school

I've never responded to an editorial before, but I can't let this pass. We have been fighting so hard to keep our school going and great things have happened up until this school board decided to run with rumors, become racist, fight against the... Full story

 By Parnell Thill    Opinion    June 24, 2022

Notes from the Small Pond: Cops

Typically, when cops show up at your door, it’s not the best news of the day. When they show up after midnight, it almost always isn’t fun. Back in the day — 10/15/25 years ago, in this town,... Full story


Guest View: Pride aims for inclusion, not conversion

The celebration of Pride Month each June has become more and more familiar over the years since gaining popularity in the early 1970s. The purpose of this celebration is to appreciate the LGBTQIA+... Full story


Our view: A simple solution for Wrenshall woes

What is wrong in Wrenshall? That’s a question that has been vexing anyone following the actions of the district school board in recent years. As it was stated at Monday’s regular board meeting during the public comment period, Wrenshall once had...

 By Mike Creger    Opinion    June 17, 2022

Knot Pining: A decade ago, it rained and rained and rained

It began raining at midday on June 19, 2012. Five inches and about 10 hours later, I found myself driving in the heart of what has simply become known as the 2012 flood. I had been working two jobs. One was for the weekly newspaper in Two Harbors...

 By Jana Peterson    Opinion    June 10, 2022

From the editor: Taking on the Fourth

By now, most of you may be aware that there’s a new Fourth of July coordinator in town, and it’s the Pine Knot News. That doesn’t mean we are sponsoring the event: that’s done by residents, bu... Full story

 By Parnell Thill    Opinion    June 10, 2022

Notes from the Small Pond: Homegoing

Here’s what’s beautiful: Your daughter’s firstborn, rolling on the floor like she did at that age, chin-drooling like she did, round, wet eyes like underwater jewels and an insatiable appetite f... Full story


Letter: Gun control laws are well overdue

It's encouraging to finally hear national politicians being willing to talk about passing better gun control laws. I hope it doesn't take too long of a wait. I also hope the willingness is serious and not just because this is an election year and we... Full story


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