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 By Tom Urbanski    Opinion    May 7, 2021 

Guest view: Measuring the value of our local college

In April 2015, then President Larry Anderson challenged the leadership team at Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College to be prepared to discuss the value of the college during a campus administrative meeting. For some reason I couldn’t attend,... Full story

 By Pine Knot News    Opinion    May 7, 2021 

Our View: Walter Mondale: A politician worth emulating

We were sad to hear of Walter “Fritz” Mondale’s passing last month at age 93. It’s well known that Fritz served as our U.S. Senator before he became Jimmy Carter’s vice president in 1976, and that he was the Democrats’ candidate for...

 By Pete Radosevich    Opinion    May 7, 2021 

Harry's Gang: Local restaurants are starting to flourish again

One of my favorite jobs was writing restaurant reviews for the old Ripsaw, the now-defunct alternative weekly out of Duluth. After exploring a couple of locally owned restaurants recently, I couldn't... Full story

 By Pine Knot News    Opinion    May 7, 2021 

Letter to the editor: City should be proactive and limit river access from playground

An elderly friend, who happens to be a great-grandma, brought this real and potential danger to my attention. I would like to preface our concern by commending the City for providing amenities to denizens and families from the nearby campground.... Full story

 By Ann Markusen    Opinion    May 7, 2021 

On The Mark: Counterpoint: Yes, raise the minimum wage

Even newspaper owners don’t always agree, and that’s OK. This week I’d like to examine the other side of the argument for raising the minimum wage, in response to my fellow Pine Knot board membe...


Our View: Drive safely

It’s springtime; we’re emerging (hopefully) from a year of pandemic isolation; and many of us are returning to work, all of which is making our roads busier than we’ve seen in quite a while. And while we’re not sure things are even close to... Full story


Letter to the editor: Support PLAs, and support a living wage

As a longtime resident of Cloquet, I would like to encourage the city council to retain the project labor agreements. I wonder if the men who think union dues are such a burden know how many of the things they take for granted — overtime pay, the...


Letter to the editor: Former mayor supports labor agreements

My name is David Hallback, and I previously held the position of Mayor of Cloquet. It was an honor to represent the citizens of Cloquet. I was proud of many things that moved Cloquet forward during my tenure. However, I am troubled by the recent... Full story


Harry's Gang: Minimum wage is a major conundrum

There’s a lot of talk about raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour, which is one of the campaign promises of the Biden administration. I’m uncomfortable with such a high minimum wage,... Full story

 By Ann Markusen    Opinion    April 30, 2021

On The Mark: 'April is the cruelest month'

T. S. Eliot begins his "The Burial of the Dead," the first section of his poem, "The Waste Land," with this: April is the cruellest month, breeding Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing Memory and... Full story


Letters to the editor: Demonizing police is unfair

Last week’s paper contained quite an example of our elected officials — the attorney general, Minneapolis mayor and our governor — demonizing our lawmen and -women. I would hate to be one of those who put on the uniform, kiss their family... Full story


Letters to the editor: Letter correction

Last week I submitted an opinion piece to the Pine Knot about a bill in the MN Legislature:, Senate File 421/House File 239. I have since discovered that I made a mistake about one of my assertions. After reading the bill again I realized that our...


Another view: Verdict is a step toward accountability

Tuesday’s conviction was right. For the Floyd family, nothing will bring back George, but this verdict is a first step toward accountability. Attorney General Keith Ellison and his team did great... Full story


Harry's Gang: Former mayor reflects on his legacy

Bruce Ahlgren is a pretty well-known guy around these parts, having served the community for decades: first on the Cloquet school board for 12 years, then as mayor for about 16 years. Meanwhile, he... Full story


Guest View: It's time to protect those who protect us

I retired in 2020 after more than three decades as a firefighter, the last nine years as Cloquet Area Fire District fire chief. And while I carry with me many positive memories of my time serving the... Full story


Letters to the editor: Keep all gods out of government

On the same day I read a letter in this newspaper with the heading, “God should guide us,” Asa Hutchison, governor of Arkansas, signed a bill making it legal for doctors in that state to refuse medical treatment to LGBT people because of their re... Full story


Letters to the editor: Biogas bill supports toxic polluters

There is a bill currently proposed in the legislature that would subsidize huge animal confinement operations by turning their toxic manure problem into “biogas,” under the misnomer “Natural Gas Innovation Act” (SF 421/HF239). It would also g... Full story

 By Ann Markusen    Opinion    April 23, 2021

On The Mark: Staying in touch with godchildren is a joy

Do you have godchildren? It was customary when my husband and I were born, mid-twentieth century, to acquire them. Having godchildren and keeping in touch can be so much fun, a form of extended...


Our View: Cable access is vital information link

CAT-7 has been a part of local cable television since the late 1970s. In recent years, the channel became stagnant and irrelevant, serving little purpose except to broadcast some City of Cloquet meetings and a few half-hearted public service...


Harry's gang: Removing politics is the only Supreme Court reform needed

There's been talk of making major changes to the Supreme Court, and that makes me nervous. Politics can be a dirty game, and it often attracts dirty players. For example, after the last president won... Full story


Notes from the small pond: We have the right to have rights ... right?

Freedom of Speech: We can say what we want, whenever, wherever we want. Except “Fire!” in a crowded theater when there is no fire. Most of us get that. Freedom of Assembly: We can peaceably... Full story


Our View: Teamwork helps spread the vaccine

Last week’s joint effort between Carlton County and the Fond du Lac Band shows how two communities, working together, can have a significant impact on members of both. Kudos to the Fond du Lac Band for reaching out to the county to share 500...


Harry's Gang: Sexism lesson learned after snarky response to email

I had an interesting experience the other day. In an email with a fellow attorney over settling a case, the attorney told me that her client's previous offer was no longer on the table, because... Full story

 By Mike Sundin    Opinion    April 9, 2021

Looking at those hit hard by pandemic

In Minnesota, we value strong schools, strong families, strong communities, and strong local economies. The last year has been full of hardship and sacrifices, including tragedy for too many families. Despite the trials and tribulations, it’s...


Letters to the editor: Please open government offices

The Our View in the April 2 issue of the Pine Knot News took the words right out of my mouth. Please open Cloquet City Hall for customer service. When I’ve been there to pay my water bill, I’m almost always the only customer there. Are the...


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