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 By Pine Knot News    Opinion    July 23, 2021 

Our View: Bask in festivals as summer throbs on

Late summer means community festival time all around Carlton County. We have Brickyard Days and the Free Range Film Festival in Wrenshall; Carlton Daze in Carlton; Wrong Days in Wright; Esko Fun Days in Esko; West End Flourish in Cloquet’s West...

 By Pete Radosevich    Opinion    July 23, 2021 

Harry's Gang: 'Hidden Gems' podcasts highlight work of area small businesses

Maybe you’ve noticed the “Hidden Gems” series on Facebook or seen them on CAT-7 more recently. You can also find them on their website, It’s a salute to local small businesses, produced by Holly Hansen and Shelly... Full story


Our View: Mind the rules on pedestrians

A loyal reader stopped into the Pine Knot News office to chat the other day, and pointed out how few motorists understand the concept that a pedestrian has the right of way. We would like to remind...


Harry's Gang: Newspapers remain vital links

I love newspapers, and always have. It's common for me to pick up a copy of the local paper at every little town I may be traveling through, and it's fascinating to learn that every town has its... Full story


Our View: Newspaper strive to stay afloat in a new world

Last month, U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar entered a statement into the Congressional Record lamenting the loss of yet another newspaper in Minnesota, this time the Journal in International Falls. Klobuchar holds a special place for the industry, as the... Full story


Letter: Reader issues challenge to Carlton, Wrenshall school boards

The Carlton and Wrenshall school boards refuse to make what I see as a responsible decision to combine. Another demonstration of political failure. I sit here and wonder, whose fault is it? Is it the voter, is it the school board, or is it the...


Harry's Gang: I'm still married, right?

My wife forgot our wedding anniversary last week. I am not sure I can forgive her. Shocked? So was I. Not a card; no flowers, candy, fancy dinner or beer. Nothing. Well, she didn’t completely forget... Full story

 By Pine Knot News    Opinion    July 2, 2021

Our View: Fireworks, sure, but within reason

We can’t help noticing that many people are starting to celebrate Independence Day a little early, as more and more fireworks are being lit as we get closer to the Fourth. We have no problem with people enjoying the holiday with all its traditions,...


Harry's Gang: Postal service can maintain relevance with some tweaks

Like any good organization, it's important for the U.S. Postal Service to keep up with modern times. It's the only way it can survive. Some of my more crazy ideas to save the USPS won't work in this... Full story

 By Parnell Thill    Opinion    July 2, 2021

Notes from the small pond: Stinging truth: Liars lie

There’s that Russian-born fable that everyone’s heard, about the Scorpion and the Frog in which the scorpion convinces the frog to ferry him across the river despite the frog’s reticence about...

 By Ann Markusen    Opinion    July 2, 2021

On The Mark: It's good to have grad parties back

I have thoroughly enjoyed the half-dozen grad parties I attended the last few weeks. It's always sweet to see how the featured grad beams at you and answers your "what's next?" questions. And I love...


Our View: Waterline project is government 101

The $7.5 million waterline that will run along Minnesota Highway 210 from Carlton to Twin Lakes Township is a wonderful example of government done right. For 20 years, township officials have been working to resolve issues of water quality and...


Harry's Gang: If only I could take on some jobs during this tight market

There's clearly an employee shortage right now. As the pandemic wanes and the economy improves, we're seeing it harder and harder to find people to fill many job openings. Some blame the state and... Full story


Letter to the editor: Haiti mission website is live

Thanks to the Pine Knot for the great summary in the June 11 issue on the Ministry in Medical Missions’ work with Dr. Manno in Haiti. We now have an active web page. Anyone interested in more information can go to Thanks. Mary...

 By Ann Markusen    Opinion    June 25, 2021

On the Mark: Pine Valley master plan has input opportunities

What would you like to see in an upgrade of Cloquet's Pine Valley recreation area? The city of Cloquet recently hired a team of consultants to consider options and survey the public on our...


Our View: Let the fireworks soar after year off

As we predicted at the end of 2020, this year we’ll celebrate the Fourth of July as a normal event with a parade, sporting activities, and fireworks. Well, almost normal. Uncertainty of the pandemic’s effects by midsummer have affected planning... Full story


Harry's Gang: Body cameras provide truth that can't be varnished over

A picture is worth a thousand words, it's said, and I agree. This article is about more than half that, and there's no way I can adequately explain how beautiful my mother is, even if you read to the... Full story


Letter to the editor: Watch how things are defined in St. Paul

While watching Minnesota’s legislative committee and floor sessions, some debate arose in my mind about the discussions. One surrounded small businesses. As legislators are drafting legislation, it is important for the public to know what the...


Letter to the editor: Events are back, enjoy them

I find it interesting, and maybe fun, to reflect on just what the world is like now, after the heart of the pandemic seems to be over and daily life gets back on track. With pandemic restrictions easing, hopefully we can return to enjoying the...


Our View: PLAs need more debate, scrutiny

We found the debate and discussion over Project Labor Agreements within the City of Cloquet inadequate. First enacted in 2017, PLAs have been touted as a way to ensure quality union construction and also as an anti-competitive impediment to economic...

 By Parnell Thill    Opinion    June 11, 2021

Notes from the Small Pond: Checking in on a great lake

Tell your friends who live in Eden Prairie and Anoka and Fargo and everywhere else but here — tell them, but not the annoying ones, that you live within minutes of one of the most accessible... Full story


Letter: Help strengthen the working class

In the 19th century, when companies were owned by individuals, there were men who were proud to be able to provide their employees a living wage. Henry Ford, originally violently anti-union, found that by paying his employees good wages it enabled...

 By Pine Knot News    Opinion    June 4, 2021

Our View: An open letter to recent graduates

Dear Graduates, Congratulations to the Class of 2021 on your graduation from high school. It is an accomplishment. You should be proud of yourselves, and please know that your community and loved ones are proud of you, too. As you go off to jobs,... Full story


Harry's Gang: Summer learning remains a key to school-year success

School is over for the summer, but the learning never ends, according to most professional educators. Kids learn a lot over the summer, even if it's not in a classroom. And it's a good idea to keep yo... Full story


Harry's Gang: Long weekend makes Memorial Day better

Memorial Day is Monday, and many people take advantage of the long weekend to get to the cabin; maybe travel or barbecue, and enjoy other activities to mark the “official” start of the summer... Full story


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