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Letters: High taxes across county are hurting homeowners


November 1, 2019

The financial stress that is being put on individuals and families by our elected officials in the form of new taxes each year must be looked at very seriously because of how the continual increases are affecting people’s lives.

The population of Carlton County has increased very little over my lifetime, but taxes on the people have continued to increase at an alarming rate.

Carlton County’s tax base is made up mainly of homeowners who want to live here but are being taxed at such high rates it is very difficult for them. Carlton is one of the highest property taxed counties in the state of Minnesota, because of the limited tax base.

Many people have attended the Truth in Taxation hearings in the past — this year it’s scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 3 — but very little is acted upon by our elected officials, apparently because they have a set agenda that cannot be changed.

High property taxes are taking their toll on family households across the county. If homeowners would receive a 5-10 percent increase in income each year, their problems would be solved. But many homeowners are on fixed incomes with very low yearly increases. This is a very depressing situation when homeowners are afraid to upgrade their home because it would increase their assessment and create higher taxes for themselves. At the same time, the county, schools, cities and fire district have continued to add buildings, staff, equipment, etc. — without thinking or thanking the households that go into debt to pay for it all.

Homeowners have NO choice in this matter, but to try to pay for all their bills when they are due; that is very stressful for families. Individuals and families have little or no input into these ever increasing property tax increases.

Clarence Badger, Cloquet


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