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Cloquet city council candidate: Dennis Painter


August 7, 2020

Q What in your personal background, characteristics and qualifications makes you good for this job?

A I am a hard working, honest individual that is running for the position of city councilor to represent the people of Ward 5. I will put in the research and work necessary to ensure the decisions I make best represent the interests of my constituents.

Q What motivated you to run for city council?

A I was born and raised in Cloquet. My wife, Gina, and I are raising our boys, Sam and Gavin, here. I have a very strong desire to be more active in local politics to maintain Cloquet's reputation as a great community in which to live and to raise a family.

Q What do you think are the top two issues facing the city of Cloquet and how would you go about tackling those?

A I believe the city needs to be very fiscally responsible moving forward and spend our tax dollars the best way we can to help the greatest number of residents in our community. In light of COVID 19 and what it has done to our small community and its local businesses, we have to consider ways to help support these local businesses and help them to thrive moving forward.

Of course the other issue in northern Minnesota that always comes up is street maintenance. This isn't a glamorous topic, but one that needs constant attention to stay on top of and make sure we are repairing and replacing what we can while still being aware of the costs associated with the repair and staying within our budget.

Q Name something you think the city council has handled well over the past two years.

A I believe the most current decision the city council handled great was hiring Derek Randall as police chief. The department has been through a lot over the past few years and I believe he is the right hire for the job to lead the department in a positive direction.

Q What is one thing you want voters to know about you?

A I want the voters to know that I am running for this position to represent them. I will work hard to research all of the issues put in front of the council, and to vote in the best interest of my constituents.


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