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Letter: Flag wavers are there for a reason


October 23, 2020

Every Friday a group of us Trump supporters have been having a sign wave, rain or shine, on Highway 33 in Cloquet.


Because we believe in the Second Amendment, the police and law and order, the military and veterans, the flag (we kneel for the cross and stand for the flag), the right to speak our opinions, secure borders, the right to praise God without fear, every unborn boy or girl the right to live and grow up in the greatest country on Earth, the pledge of allegiance with “under God” in it, good and against evil, future of our country (think about it). What are you for?

If you want to join us or if you want a Trump sign, show up Friday 3-5 p.m. by Walmart on Highway 33 in Cloquet.

Tony Sheda,



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