County cases rising against tide


November 27, 2020

Carlton County set another record for a one-day jump in Covid-19 cases this week, with an increase of 81 positive tests on Sunday, Nov. 22, continuing the local “exponential growth” of the virus that Public Health and Human Services director Dave Lee described earlier this month.

Although statewide numbers are showing some sign of leveling off, state health officials say it’s too soon to hope the latest pandemic wave has reached its peak. The county appears to be bucking that trend.

“Right now we are seeing widespread community transmission of Covid-19 in Carlton County, which is also reflective of what is happening in the northeast region and the entire state of Minnesota,” said Jenny Barta, public health nurse and Covid-19 expert. “Most of this transmission is occurring before someone even knows that they are infected ... which is why it is so important for people to not gather with others outside of their own household right now.”

Barta used a hypothetical Thanks- giving gathering of 15 people. Based on the level of community transmission happening here, you have about a 64 percent chance of coming into contact with someone at the gathering who is infected, she said.

Although there are at least two very good Covid vaccines in the pipeline — which she called “a light at the end of this dark tunnel” — Barta urged people to continue wearing masks, social distancing, sanitizing hands, and to stay home if they are sick or in contact with someone who has Covid-19.


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