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Letters to the editor: Pine Tree Plaza lot needs attention

Has anyone noticed, or is it just me? The area of the Pine Tree Plaza parking lot drive between the Big Lake Road entrance and McDonald’s restaurant could sure use some attention. I don’t know if it is private property or government property; in any case, is the owner aware of the deterioration? I would describe it as being wall-to-wall potholes. Are there any plans to improve it?

Also, at the Big Lake Road entrance there is an island of rocks and shrubs that block the line of incoming traffic entering the parking lot, causing vehicles to swerve into the middle of an intersection. This out-of-alignment happened a few years ago when Highway 33 was being reconstructed, moving the entrance road a tad further up the hill. Then the service road was reconstructed. Around those times I mentioned that this would have been an opportunity to either move or remove that island. Is there a reason for it to be there, or only in that particular spot? It’s still there, unchanged.

So, I will come full circle and end as I started. Has anyone noticed, or is it just me?

Dan Unulock,


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