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Our View: Fireworks, sure, but within reason

We can’t help noticing that many people are starting to celebrate Independence Day a little early, as more and more fireworks are being lit as we get closer to the Fourth.

We have no problem with people enjoying the holiday with all its traditions, including fireworks.

The problem is that exploding fireworks are noisy and disruptive to many in the community. By their nature, fireworks are rarely lit before dusk, which is after 9 p.m. this time of year. But many people go to sleep before then, even in the summer months. Add in those who work early shifts and children whose bedtime is before the fireworks come out, and it becomes a very inconsiderate act.

It’s even worse when enthusiastic patriots set their fireworks off later and later in the evenings, as more and more people are going to sleep. It’s not uncommon for people to be woken up at midnight by some exploding fireworks, and that’s just not nice.

We encourage people to exercise a little common courtesy and consideration for your neighbors when playing with fireworks. Try to resist late-night displays. Respect those trying to sleep or wind down in the evening. Safety is critical. Don’t allow children to use fireworks that are not meant for their use. Avoid mixing alcohol and fireworks, and be mindful of where the spent fireworks will fall, as sparks and hot waddings may start a fire. And keep in mind that any firework that shoots into the air is technically illegal in Minnesota. It’s your risk.

If you are one who is upset by the noise of fireworks, may we suggest you be tolerant of them this weekend. Fireworks are a reality this time of year, so it’s unreasonable to complain about them over the holiday weekend. Ear plugs might be in order.

But if you plan to set off fireworks after Monday, please understand we think you are being a boor. Please respect your neighbors and keep your fireworks until next year.

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