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Students share thoughts on school days

Pine Knot News intern Lydia Stone spent last week asking fellow Cloquet schools attendees to share their thoughts on going back to the classroom in September. Here are their responses.

“Online school was rough, so going back in-person is going to be great and very refreshing.”

~ Madysen Waters, 16, sophomore, Cloquet

“I’m excited to go see my friends every day.”

~ Emmet Prosen, 16, sophomore, Cloquet

“I prefer being home. But I guess I’m excited to see my friends. I’m just not too excited about the ‘school’ part of it.”

~ Abigail Stone, 11, sixth grade, Cloquet

“I’m excited to go back to school this year even though it may mean we have to continue to wear masks throughout the day. I think the opportunity to be safe while still being able to actually be at school makes it worth it.”

~ Olivia Macaulay, 17, senior, Cloquet

“Although the Delta variant of Covid-19 has been spreading recently, very little Covid transmission actually occurred within schools last year. It seems that in most cases the risk of educational and mental health setbacks that occur when students are kept home outweigh their risks associated with health complications due to Covid-19. Learning is best done in the classroom and I believe that it is necessary to balance the safety of our community with the education of our children.”

~ Jake Mertz, 17, senior, Cloquet

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